Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yeah, about that.

I don't want this post to come across as me complaining or being difficult, so with that being said....

I was sitting here planning my Thanksgiving grocery list. Imagining all this YUMMY stuff I am going to prepare and enjoy on that thankful day. I then realize that Superdad will not be able to enjoy most of it unless he breaks this "diet" he is doing.

Superdad is making some changes in his diet. He is doing a Specific Carbohydrate Diet.  Also known as SCD.  It's a very DETAIL diet of things you CANNOT eat and CAN eat.  Mostly CANNOT eat.

I have got a system with my cooking and recipe rotation.  I make the bread, which he can no longer eat.  I prepare the dishes with all sorts of things he CANNOT eat.  Now, how do we go about this change as a family?  Am I supposed to change how I cook for the family since he is the only one on the diet?  Am I supposed to make the changes to make sure he gets the nutrients he is supposed to be getting.  Am I supposed to change my recipes to adjust?

I don't mind thinking ahead of my meal planning to see what he can eat and add things I know he can enjoy.  For example he cannot have tortilla shells or rice.  So when I make my tacos I can reserve some chicken to the side and he can eat it with the homemade guacamole that I've made and I can make something extra that fits his diet.  But for changing how I cook everything I don't want to make that change.  I'm not on the diet and enjoy the things I make at the moment.   See my conflict????

Okay, moving on.

Lil O had practice yesterday and she got her script!!!!!  She is thrilled.  Instead of a snake which she originally told me, she is an elephant!!  How cool is that??!??!??    I don't care what jungle animal she is just so she has a blast with all the other kids.

Well, the sun is shining through the windows lighting the house up in a beautiful glow.  That's my cue to enjoy this beautiful day.
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