Week in Review

Week in Review. Mads wakes and kisses. Thanksgiving meal. The dreaded Christmas shopping begins.


Atasha said…
You both are just too cute! Christmas shopping? I am feeling some anxiety coming on. Every year we plan on getting an early start but always end up battling the crowds the week of.
Have a great & safe weekend! I get the feeling there will be a bunch more crocheting going since you may be at home for the whole weekend :-)
Supermom said…

Did you say crochet???

Keshia said…
Baby M is so cute! My blackberry finally let me watch a week in review. She's a sweetie!
Mary said…
Hi and happy Friday MIchelle and all the other mom's who follow the blog. Michelle did you say the C word as in Christmas shopping lol. I have it rather easy this year both of my girls now 24 and 19 want flat screen televisions for their rooms. After spending the money for those they pretty much know they will only get a few other things.How i miss when they were small, I loved to go to toys r us. I am working on my thanksgiving menu.
This is what i have so far:
turkey, stuffing, mashed taters, sweet potatoes, cranberries,corn,waldorf apple salad, cole slaw, crab soup,mushrooms in sour cream with sherry and butter.rolls,green bean cassarole,sally lund bread pudding,devil eggs,aspargus wrapped with ham and parm cheese, and what ever else i come up with.
All you moms keep on doing what you do and remember we rock....Mary from DE
Michael said…
You're welcome, Supermom! We're so happy to have O in Jungle Book!

Enjoy your weekend. :-)