The Three Bears

Last night about fifteen minutes until 11:00 pm Superdad came to get me out of bed.  He heard a noise in the driveway and looked out to see three bears roaming around out there.  It was pretty cool watching them walk around in our driveway and off into the night.  I am really glad the garage doors were shut because sometimes they are open for assorted reasons.

It's odd for them to be so close to town I would think.  Their home was turned into a housing development so they are left to wonder around the area.  Along with the turkeys.  Tragic huh?  It makes me a bit nervous with them getting so close.  Hmmmm.

So, who is going to admit in a comment that they went to watch that Twilight Movie last night at midnight?  Hormonal teenager went with my friend Anna to a midnight showing.  They are Twilight junkies and such.  Reading the books and counting down the months/days until the movie opened in theaters.  HA HA!!  H got home about 3am last night and told me it was AWESOME!!!!!!!  I just shook my head and went to bed.

I'm working on a Week in Review next so be prepared. :)


Mary said…
Michelle make sure your trash cans are secure and no food is in garage to have them come around. Watch out or you will be having three more in your bed. Did Baby M drawings come off the wall the pictures of her little hurt feelings were priceless,
have a grand weekend i am going to work on my thanksgiving menu a little more Mary
Supermom said…
Yes, with lots of scrubbing with a magic eraser the black crayon finally came off.

I've been trying to upload the week in reviews for a couple hours but it keeps aborting!!!

I'll try to post it again before I head out to collect the kids.

My menu is planned and grocery list made and times to make what are scheduled! :)
dasnowz said…
my 13 yo has seen it twice. once at midnight and then at 4 this afternoon. she bribed my oldest into taking her again tomorrow( she offered to babysit oldest baby while oldest is at work). My kids are the most obsessed. I have 3 rooms of twilight stuff. Each girl has at least 2 twilight sweatshirts, one has bella's coat from twilight, each one has at least 7 shirts, its insane. We have jewelry boxes, chests, metal picture frames, perfume, posters, books, you name we probably have it. They have an obsession issue.
Melissa said…
I'm going to watch it tomorrow. My mom wanted to come along so we had to go on a day that my husband could watch the girls and not be called in to work.
Monica said…
Supermom and the 3
Supermom said…
HA HA!! Good one. Supermom and the Three Bears.

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