This is where I type out what the week in review is about since I cannot get it to upload to YOUTUBE!

I talk about the video being dedicated to my friend Tammy and that I am making it long just for her.The video starts out with Baby M on my hip.  I talk about seeing the bears in the driveway and such.  We move to the couch.

I then talk about hormonal teenager going to see the midnight showing of the Twilight movie.  Twilight junkies.

I show you my new hair cut!  CHEAP THERAPY!!!!

Rough morning.  Baby M was playing with her poop then she busted her lip/mouth.  Poor baby.

I talk about B2 going on a scout trip on Saturday so I am taking H for a makeover at Clinique.  I love CLINIQUE.

All the while you are hearing Lil O watching the Backyardigans!

I talk about Superdad's diet.  Buying almond flour to experiment with some bread.

I talk about Gail, Guurrrl, and the 365 day challenge.  I want to make Gail some sugar and flour free bread! 

I then talk about Renee, Candy Stick Lane, working on a cover for my book.  I am trying to find an agent, who's FREE, to take a look to see if I'm wasting my time.  Renee sees my cover idea perfectly so I hope that all works out. 

Thanksgiving talk!!!!  Grocery shopping on Tuesday.  Cooking on Wednesday and Thursday.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend with your family and friends.  Thanks for visiting The Adventures of Supermom!


Monica said…
I could see it perfectly...
Supermom said…
I am glad!!!! :)
Melissa said…
Have you tried Vimeo? I prefer to upload via Vimeo because the approval time is much shorter.
Mary said…
do not tease up can we see the new hair cut.Baby M playin in poop ewwwwwww.Sounds like it is was a fun filled day.
I had a visual of the entire video...LOL Mary
Supermom said…
Melissa ~ My videos are to long for their FREE upload. I'm not paying to join when I can use youtube for free.

I already looked into them. Thanks though.

I've even looked into FLickr and Photobucket. Tooo long.

Glad you liked it Mary.