That's what it's all about!

I am very proud to admit that we almost always have dinner as a family.  It's a place we say grace and are able to be with each other enjoying a fabulous meal that I have prepared out of love for my family.

On special occasions they, my family, even give me something funny to blog about.  Tonight is one of those nights.

Superdad ~  Looks over as H is grabbing her boob.  Has weird look on his face.

H ~ "My boob hurts."

Superdad ~ "Why does it hurt?"

H ~ "I don't know, like a cramp.  You know?"

Superdad ~ "No, I don't know."

Supermom ~ "Thanks for giving me something to blog about.  Got to love family dinner time!"


Vanessa said…
I just love family dinners! It was my best memories, no matter what the topic!
Supermom said…
I do tooo!!!

Even if my teenager is grabbing her boob and embarrassing Superdad.
Mary said…
LOL at the super family, Michelle wait the top of different brands of tampons comes up. We had a whole discussion of Gentle Glide my platex vs Kotex brand. My hub the only guy in house just smiles and laughs and says oh I gotta think about them i have a stiff neck and a nose bleed lol
Your daughter has managed to embarrass me as well.
Supermom said…
Ha ha! Teenagers!!! Why must they grow up?