A Series of Misfortunate Events.


Baby M draws on a wall

Being told NO:

Baby M draws on a wall

Hurt feelings:

Baby M draws on a wall

At least she wasn't eating them, right?


How could you tell that sweet little girl no? She's just trying to express herself artistically.
Supermom said…
Because it's a BLACK crayon!!! I am all for artistic expression, just NOT on my walls!!!!

Gail said…
She probably was really exciting thinking she was making you a pretty picture, LOL. I can remember doing that on the KITCHEN floor when I was little!
Mary said…
Well I know what works for that the MR.Clean eraser blocks.
Its good that you hurt her feelings she will not do it again.Thank goodness my kids never did that on the wall drawing stuff.
Julie said…
been there...done that...now time go buy stock in Mr Clean erasers :)
That look on her face is so precious!!!!!!!!!!
Atasha said…
My 5 year old did the same. I think he was just so excited about writing at the time. Unfortunately he chose to use the wall as his paper. I was not a happy mommy
Supermom said…
I promise I just told her 'no'. As you can see it really hurt her feelings though.