Planning your Thanksgiving meal.

This blog will be about the wonderful food that comes with Thanksgiving.  I have always loved Thankgsiving!  More than Christmas.  It's time with my family without the stress of shopping and gift giving.

It's a thrill.  Cooking, eating and socializing.  It's a wonderful tradition to have with your children.  I just absolutely love Thanksgiving!

I started planning a menu for this years feast.  EXCITING!!!  Last year I cooked everything for my family.  They just had to show up and have a fabulous time playing with the kids.  Well, and enjoy the meal.  It was delicious BTW.  This year I am delegating dishes for others to bring.  I do have four needy kids this year and don't think I want to cook for two straight days this year.

If you plan on hosting this fabulous meal it is okay to delegate others to bring a dish.  It will be a sit down dinner here so I wanted to plan the menu.  For a buffet style you can be more lenient with food that is brought.

**Note ~ my family offered to bring a dish, they wanted me to tell them which one so there wouldn't be multiple dishes of sweet potato casserole and such.  I didn't want you to think I was being a total control freak. 

Here's our menu:

Turkey and Dressing with Gravy ~ Me
Sweet Potato Casserole ~ Me
Creamed Corn ~ Aunt K
Green Bean Casserole ~ Lynn
Slaw ~ Lynn
Deviled Eggs ~ Me
Yeast Rolls ~ Me, of course!!!!!

Desserts ~ Mamaw

Cranberry Relish and/or Apple Salad ~ My MIL

My mouth is already watering.  Next, to make my grocery list.  What's your favorite part of Thanksgiving?


Anonymous said…
family, and the smells coming from the kitchen
Being with family and the cooking process. I like to put all of these great old recipes together & to then watch everyone enjoy it. Eating hands down is the best though. Last yr. I was sick so i'm getting my stomach ready right now! Have fun!
I haven't even THOUGHT about Thanksgiving yet.
Supermom said…
~GASP~ Michael, don't go breaking my heart like that!!!
Michelle Carpintero said…
I let the kids help, too. Your two older ones and really even, Little O, are old enough to mix, measure etc. It's a good math lesson, too. I haven't made deviled eggs, green bean casserole or stuffing (except to saute the onions and celery) in years! They love bragging about what they made, too :)