Kitchen Tip # 46

~I'm only guessing on the number up there.~

I make lots of bread including cornbread and sometimes there are leftovers stuck in the fridge.  Do not throw it out!!!!

I have a special container in the freezer for that bread.  I use that bread to make bread crumbs, croutons and my mamaw's FAMOUS DRESSING!!!!!!!  Yes, it's that time again!  Time to plan out Thanksgiving meals!!  Thanksgiving is my favorite all time holiday.   Time spent with my family without the stress of presents!

I absolutely love Thanksgiving!!!!!

If you remember last year I made the whole meal for my family!  THE WHOLE MEAL!!!!!  Click HERE to read all about that adventure and see pictures.  It was such a wonderful experience for me.  Starting a tradition that my kids can look forward to as they get older!!!!!!!

So, let the Thanksgiving Meal planning begin!!!!

Thanksgiving 2008


Anonymous said…
Lil O looks so small just from last year. I think she has grown into a little lady
Supermom said…
I know!!!!!!!!!
Kelli said…
This picture is PRECIOUS!