If you're going to act like a four year old then you will be treated like a four year old.

Today at the high school to collect hormonal teenager the baby was crying wanting out of the seat and Lil O was asleep with her mouth wide open.  School gets out at 3 and I give H until 3:10 to get to the car or she has been told I will come looking for her.  That scare tactic usually works bringing my teenage daughter to the car in a timely manner.

Until today.

It was 3:13.  I know that's not a big deal BUT when you have a crying baby you just want to get the hell out of there!  Plus, why does it take 13 minutes to get to the car????  I know why!!!  Yacking and smooching with the boyfriend.  I wasn't born yesterday no matter what she may believe.

My first words, "If you don't start getting here on time then you can ride the bus."  She hands me a piece of paper to which I am holding as I start to pull off.  She's like, "I'm sorry BUT..."  I told her to stop making excueses that I didn't want to hear it.  To which she takes the paper from me and throws it at me saying she wasn't making excuses.


Instinct took over and I smacked her arm with the back of my hand and said, "Don't throw things at me.  If you want to act like a FOUR year old then you will be treated like a FOUR year old."

"By hitting me?????"

First, I didn't HIT you I smacked you.  THERE is a difference.  Second, I don't know why I did it.  I told her as such.  ~shaking head~  I guess if Lil O threw something at me I may have smacked a hand or an arm to get her attention to tell her not to do that again.

I just don't know why I smacked her arm.  I was stressing out about it thinking I had done something very bad.  I don't think I did.  It all happened so quickly.  I know it didn't physically hurt her.  More emotionally than anything.  

Oh well, such is life.


Monica said…
piece of paper? Was it a love letter? Test? it was What?
Supermom said…
Two weeks ago I wrote the teacher about H's C in her class. She wrote back saying it was up to a B and not to worry. H said that's why she was late. I don't believe it. ha.
That's her excuse.
Mary said…
Michelle that is her story and she is sticking to it. Little do our kids know mom and dad have super powers. I used to tell my kids stupid is what stupid does with your lying. Once Amanda was 35 minutes late coming out of school. Told me her math teacher held her there to speak to her and another kid about their tests. I knew better but i said ok Mandy.
Well when we got home a message from the said math teacher saying Mrs. M. I have yet to see AManda can you have her stop by during study period on Monday. I will be down in the guideance office seeing students. I do not meet with kids one on one in my class room. Well Amanda was shocked. Found out she actually was watching the boys soccer team doing drills in the gym. She had her eye on one said boy.
Told her for lying no weekend at your girl freinds house, it was Nichole's 15th birthday sleep over.
Boy did Amanda learn her lesson that weekend.MIchelle you did nothing wrong dont feel bad and you know when its time not to believe the kid.
Kelly said…
You have no reason to feel bad for smacking her arm! I would've done the same thing. Kids have a way of trying to make you feel guilty. Discipline is not abuse!!