I love you, you love me...

I was going to make the title 'Cause That's How I Roll but for some strange reason the Barney song if running through my head.  We haven't even watched Barney in months so who knows!

Yesterday I ran to the drug store to pick up a couple of things and bought a sappy love card for Superdad.  ~smile~  I signed it and placed it where he would find it when he got home.

Fast forward to bedtime talk.

Superdad ~ What made you get me that amazing card that made my day?  (No, he didn't say those exact words.)

Supermom ~ I walked past the card aisle.

~insert lots of laughter from me here.~

Superdad ~ Well, that wasn't what I was going for.  Something like because you couldn't stop thinking about me and wanted to tell me how you felt and bought this amazing card.

Supermom ~ I found it in the LOVE section!!

~more laughing~

Supermom ~ If it makes you feel any better I looked at two other cards until I found the perfect one.

Superdad ~  I love you.

Supermom ~ I love you.

I am such a man!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I think we've been told that I am like the man in the relationship. 

My left boob would like to thank you for all the well wishes.  It's feeling better as each day passes.  The heating pad helps so much.  I slept with it again last night.  The lumps are even gone.  WHEW!!!!!!

Must go find coofffffeeeeeeeeeeeee.


YEAH for not hurting anymore!

Glad your hubby liked the card.:)
Atasha said…
Ouch.....I just had flashbacks. That pain is no joke. I had the same thing happen with my 2nd born and I would soak for long periods of time in the tub with very very hot water trying to massage the lumps away. Oh man I don't even want to go back there.
Glad it's feeling better :-)
Anonymous said…
so glad i dont have to have approval from others about my love for my hubby.... I have been married 19 years...my hub know i love him and no card can express my love for him the way i do,,, Next thursday is my birthday i do not want a card,,,,, a simple I love you Tracy will do,,,, I am not sure but if i were to post every private thing about my life on the internet it would cause huge problems in my home
Supermom said…
Whew, it's a good thing I don't ask for approval from anyone! I am a strong confident woman that keeps a funny mom blog!! Imagine that!

It's also a good thing that my husband loves me unconditionally and supports this blog. He is very proud of me and my accomplishments.

Like he always tells me and everyone that asks, "Michelle is Supermom and I am proud to have married into the title of Superdad."

One ~ Me tooooo!!!! It was just awful!! Have a fabulous weekend.

Atasha ~ OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! I hear ya!!!!! Thank you!!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.