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I love all days that end in "Y". Don't you?

After strange dreams that involved Jake Gyllenhaal I woke up feeling rather refreshed.  I have a plan and I am sticking to it!!  All busy moms and dads should have a plan.  I find that if I write things down then I can relax more.  It sets my mind at ease.  It's written on paper so I don't have to worry about forgetting it.  Write things down!  You will feel so much better.

I have like three sheets on the fridge right now for this week.

~ my grocery list for Tuesday

~ things to do on Wednesday
Clean house.  Cut up veggies for all dishes.  Crumble all bread for dressing and get it made up to cook on Thursday.  Make the mashed sweet potatoes for the casserole. Make yeast rolls.

~ Thursday
Get up early to shower.  Put turkey into cook.  Cook dressing.  Make gravy.  Put together a sweet potato casserole with pecan crusted top.  Boil and devil the eggs.  Heat up rolls.  Make sweet tea?  Set table.  Tidy up around house.  ENJOY REST OF DAY WITH MY FAMILY!!!

Maybe even get the Christmas tree up over the weekend.  :)

Throw in laundry, taking O to practice and everything else I do into the mix!  I love my life! 


Mary said…
MIchelle were two peas in a pod. I am a list person. If i follow my list my life flows so much better.
Sounds like your week is full, you do not mention anything on the lists about black friday shopping lol. I stay as far away from possible from stores on black friday. OMG i am crazy but not nuts.
I make a sweet potato dish with pecans on top as well i also mix in brown sugar and butter with the pecans.
Have a great rest of the day.
Supermom said…
I am a smart woman tooo. I hate shopping to begin with so a sale doesn't phase me!!!!

Plus, I'm finished with all my shopping anyway. ~SMIRK~

I hope you have a fabulous week Mary!!!!

<3 Michelle
Monica said…
Mary, there are some really good online deals on black Friday... I'm bad to search them out.

Supermom, If I don't make list I will stay awake worring I wont remember things I need to to...

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