Friday, November 6, 2009

Cause that's how she rolls.

Actual discussion with Lil O before we ordered lunch today.

Aunt M ~ What kind of pizza do you want?

Lil O ~ Pepperoni.

Supermom ~ But you don't like pepperoni.

Lil O ~ I  can pick it off.

Supermom ~ Then why not get a cheese pizza?

Lil O ~ Because I want pepperoni.

Supermom ~ But you don't like pepperoni!

Lil O ~ But I can pick it off.

~shaking head~  Round and round she goes.

Tonight is date night at the Supermom house.  Take-out and a movie while snuggled with Superdad on the sofa.  Sounds fabulous.


Krisztina said...

She is awesome! :) Flawless reasoning and unbelievable persistence! :)

Anna said...

It's amazing, and entertaining, how easily those circular conversations entrap adults!

Supermom said...

Yep, and she even enjoyed the CHEESE pizza! HA HA!

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