BEWARE! I am a grouchy Supermom.


Lil O is sick with the flu.  She was up and down last night throwing up.  Then I'd hold her hand until we drifted off to sleep only for her to wake up to throw up again.  Between all that fun I'd try to catch some zzz's and nurse Baby M.

I'm up now.  I hurt all over.  I am sure it was sleeping in the pretzel position most of the night.  Or lack of sleep.  Or or or...

I'm also pissed that I cannot talk to a single LIVING person on the PHONE about my Flickr Pro account.  My year was up and we've been trying to sign me up for another year because that's where all my photos are stored.  I keep getting an error message.

Please correct the following problems
  • Authorization failed because you EITHER entered an invalid CVV code, OR your credit card number / address / expiration date information is invalid. Please review all of your credit card details and try again.

ON THEIR PART.  So, I get an email this morning sort of meaning that maybe I don't have the funds in my paypal account to pay for it.  You know, that angers me.  It shouldn't but since the lack of sleep and hearing my baby throw up all night has messed with my sanity, it pissed me off.  I emailed back saying, "I assure you we have the funds the problem is on YOUR end."  The email went something like that.

I hope that every time I used the debit card they haven't taken funds out.  I've used it a lot of times trying to get it to go through.  I've even used a credit card.  THE PROBLEM IS ON THEIR END!!!!!! 

~deep breath Michelle~

Okay, I'm off to meditate.  Oh hell, who am I kidding?  I'm going to drink more coffee and hold O's hair back while she throws up.


Mary said…
Poor Lil O we had that same bug here with Amanda sunday night.
Puked her guts up and diarrhea, thru the entire night.
Finally settled her down with some Zofran we got when she had shoulder surg and was sick from the meds they gave her.
I am sure lil o is to small for Zofran.
Poor kid hope everyone gets some rest today. Hope the bug doesnt hit the entire house hold or You Michelle when mom is sick the house falls apart no matter how helpful the hub is
Supermom said…
Thanks Mary.

Thankfully I have zofran in the house and lil O can have 2 mg. So I am carefully cutting my tabs in half for her.

She is resting on the couch and I am catching up on some work. I should be resting with her.
Mrs Furious said…
I'm sorry she's got the flu! It's been going around Kid's school... I'm scared... hold me.

I hope she feels better soon, and that the rest of you stay healthy.

Let me know when you are all better and I'll stop in.
Kelly said…
Hope Lil O feels better soon. I've got a sick one too. I know how hard it is to keep the sanity.
Supermom said…
Mrs F ~ I'd hold you but I'm afraid I'd get you sick!

How was your company?? I didn't get any calls from the police department so I know Kids teacher is still teaching.

I cannot wait to get together for some Mrs F chit chat!

Thanks Kelly!! :) Hope your sick one gets well asap!
Sorry to hear that the flu has hit your home. And flickr? What is going on with that?
Supermom said…
No clue about Flickr because they haven't responded to my second email.
Anonymous said…
Flickr has the flu to i think they might try to blame it on h1n1, Hope the account gets straighten out soon.
Hope Lil O is better real soon to glad to hear she is able to settle down with some Zofran I think that is a wonder drug, hope you have a night where every one sleeps < Mary