The Adventures of Supermom gets an invite.

Back in October I was asked to attend Snowland at the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, North Carolina.

Since then all the plans have been finalized so I wanted to tell you about it!!!

We are totally excited about this trip!  They have a HUGE indoor water park.

This lodge boasts a game room, kids/teen activities and all around family entertainment.  EVEN A SPA!!!!!!!!!  What more could you want for a weekend getaway?  There's going to be so much holiday fun since Snowland will be happening.  The kids can see and meet Santa.  Hear a story at bedtime with all the other kids in the main lobby by the clock tower.  There will even be falling snow at certain times during the day in the lobby!!!!!

I am at ease because once we check in everything will be at our fingertips and we won't have to leave until we are ready to head home.  Now that's what I call a relaxing vacation.

But wait!!!  There's MORE!!  HA HA!!

There is a Blogger Breakfast on the Sunday we will be there.  It'll be just for the blogging babes and our family!  I get to mingle with other moms!  I'm pretty excited about all this!  You know that once we have taken the trip I will post all sorts of photos!!!!

There's even MORE!!!!  The rooms are themed as if you are in a cabin in the wilderness!!!!!!   Our room will have a kids cabin in it for the kids to bunk in!!

WOW!!  I wish I could pack right now for this trip!  The kids are looking forward to this weekend getaway!

Okay, lets change topics.  I have my days all messed up with the holidays taking place.  I got up this morning with the babies and hit JCPenney to find B2 some pants and such.  Found some at a great price and left JCP a very happy Supermom.  We then hit the grocery store.  It was a quick and easy trip.  I have an easy menu planned for the week since Lil O has practice two days and B2 has scouts one night.  Plus, Anna is coming over to make Rum Balls one morning.  I just think she likes Rum and saying 'balls'.  RUM BALLS!!!!!!  Too bad it will be in the morning so we cannot eat a lot of the RUM BALLS since I will be driving and such. 

I tried to make a new bread recipe using wild blueberry jam but I just don't like how they came out.  Plus, the jam had organic agave to sweeten it and I didn't realize because I cannot eat it.  It just tastes awful to me!!  I can spot it if it's used in ANY MEAL, DISH or DRINK!!!!  YUCKY!!!  I am all about natural sweeteners but agave is one I cannot tolerate.  Now I have this disgusting taste in my mouth.  Like a super sweet I've been eating sugar cubes by the handful sweet.  EWEEEEE!!!  Makes me want to suck on a lemon!!!!!!!!

Lil O loves the bread so at least she can eat on the two loaves!!!  I can even put it in B2's lunch box this week.  H might even like it for breakfast in the morning, toasted with butter.

UGH!!!  I wish I could get this taste out of my mouth.

I brought out the Christmas DVD's for the kids.  I always hide them the day after Christmas!  I'm mean like that.  Or smart!!!  So, I am listening to Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer.  The old classic one with the clay figures!  I loves those.  I have such fond memories of watching them with my papaw when I was a little girl.  Ahhhh, wonderful memories.  The misfit toys are singing right now.  I'm swaying in the office chair.

I'm sorry I didn't post a week in review this week.  I just didn't have it in me.  Since I was so late in posting the other one I put it off this week.  I'll have another one up next week for you!  Promise.

Must go make some lemonade or something SOUR!


diyfashionguide said…
Are you going this weekend? I'm doing the same thing at the GWL in Mason, OH. I don't think there's a blogger breakfast (pooh), but we will be doing a tour. I'm trying to think up some good questions.

Really, is there anything better than swimming without the threat of sunburn? Not for this Irish lady. My kids are really excited about doing Magiquest, but I'm not sure they have that at all the locations. Have fun!
Supermom said…
diy ~ Yep. this weekend. Too bad you aren't going to be at my location!!!!!!!

I agree about the sunburn!!! I just freckle so I've never been a fan of the sun. ha ha

I look forward to the weekend trip!
Mary said…
you are so lucky to be asked on trips like this. saves alot of money but creates many memories. hope that everyone has a great time