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My four year old wants to breastfeed.

Yes, you did read that right.  No need to grab your glasses to double check.

I know it's perfectly "normal" since she used to breastfeed and now sees Baby M breastfeed.  BUT STILL......

She's really serious about wanting to nurse.  I'm not really sure how to handle this or what to say.  Or just leave it alone.  I don't want to embarrass her.  I also don't want to whip out my breast and nurse my four year old.

I know that some mothers nurse their kids until they are O's age.  I am not ONE of those women.  I am a big supporter of breastfeeding so don't get upset with me thinking I am bashing this sacred mother/baby bonding experience.  H nursed until she was three,  B2 nursed for one year and  Lil O nursed until she was two years old + a few months then she weaned on her own. 

I guess I will just see how today goes and go from there.  Now, I must go!  My Facebook boyfriend called for a playdate!   If the phone rings before a "normal" morning time I know it's him.  He's going to bring his kids over here and play with the Supermom family!

Breastfeeding.  Back to Nature.

The Adventures of Supermom gets an invite.

Back in October I was asked to attend Snowland at the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, North Carolina.

Since then all the plans have been finalized so I wanted to tell you about it!!!

We are totally excited about this trip!  They have a HUGE indoor water park.

This lodge boasts a game room, kids/teen activities and all around family entertainment.  EVEN A SPA!!!!!!!!!  What more could you want for a weekend getaway?  There's going to be so much holiday fun since Snowland will be happening.  The kids can see and meet Santa.  Hear a story at bedtime with all the other kids in the main lobby by the clock tower.  There will even be falling snow at certain times during the day in the lobby!!!!!

I am at ease because once we check in everything will be at our fingertips and we won't have to leave until we are ready to head home.  Now that's what I call a relaxing vacation.

But wait!!!  There's MORE!!  HA HA!!

There is a Blogger Breakfast on the Sunday we will be there.  It'll be just for the blogging babes and our family!  I get to mingle with other moms!  I'm pretty excited about all this!  You know that once we have taken the trip I will post all sorts of photos!!!!

There's even MORE!!!!  The rooms are themed as if you are in a cabin in the wilderness!!!!!!   Our room will have a kids cabin in it for the kids to bunk in!!

WOW!!  I wish I could pack right now for this trip!  The kids are looking forward to this weekend getaway!

Okay, lets change topics.  I have my days all messed up with the holidays taking place.  I got up this morning with the babies and hit JCPenney to find B2 some pants and such.  Found some at a great price and left JCP a very happy Supermom.  We then hit the grocery store.  It was a quick and easy trip.  I have an easy menu planned for the week since Lil O has practice two days and B2 has scouts one night.  Plus, Anna is coming over to make Rum Balls one morning.  I just think she likes Rum and saying 'balls'.  RUM BALLS!!!!!!  Too bad it will be in the morning so we cannot eat a lot of the RUM BALLS since I will be driving and such. 

I tried to make a new bread recipe using wild blueberry jam but I just don't like how they came out.  Plus, the jam had organic agave to sweeten it and I didn't realize because I cannot eat it.  It just tastes awful to me!!  I can spot it if it's used in ANY MEAL, DISH or DRINK!!!!  YUCKY!!!  I am all about natural sweeteners but agave is one I cannot tolerate.  Now I have this disgusting taste in my mouth.  Like a super sweet I've been eating sugar cubes by the handful sweet.  EWEEEEE!!!  Makes me want to suck on a lemon!!!!!!!!

Lil O loves the bread so at least she can eat on the two loaves!!!  I can even put it in B2's lunch box this week.  H might even like it for breakfast in the morning, toasted with butter.

UGH!!!  I wish I could get this taste out of my mouth.

I brought out the Christmas DVD's for the kids.  I always hide them the day after Christmas!  I'm mean like that.  Or smart!!!  So, I am listening to Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer.  The old classic one with the clay figures!  I loves those.  I have such fond memories of watching them with my papaw when I was a little girl.  Ahhhh, wonderful memories.  The misfit toys are singing right now.  I'm swaying in the office chair.

I'm sorry I didn't post a week in review this week.  I just didn't have it in me.  Since I was so late in posting the other one I put it off this week.  I'll have another one up next week for you!  Promise.

Must go make some lemonade or something SOUR!

Are Black Friday deals worth it?

I think not.   Unless of course you can get them from the comfort of your office chair.

Gooooooood Friday morning.  I'm up with hot coffee thinking about the past couple of days.  Yesterday was such a wonderful day.  Our family and friends were here to celebrate this wonderful holiday.  The food was YUMMY!!!  I don't think I can eat for a couple of days!

I have so much to be thankful for.  I am so blessed.  Trust me, I know this.  I say thanks every single day for my blessings.  Two big blessings in my life were here yesterday.  My mamaw and great aunt.  I will blog about them from time to time.  Those two are a RIOT!!!!  We do everything together.  Shop, eat, take trips and visit.  Those two ladies are awesome!  I'm glad we're family!  Also, my daddy and his wife were here yesterday!  I <3 My Daddy.  You know without him I wouldn't be here.  So, you all should thank him!!!!  There's more!  My MIL, BIL and M were here as well.  GOOD TIMES!!!!

After lunch Superdad and his brother played a Star Trek Trivia board game!  SERIOUSLY!!!!  While M and I watched a Barbie Musketeer Movie with the kids!!!!  We secretly hated it and such.  Actually, it was no secret.  We poked fun at the movie and such.  ~shrug~  At least we weren't playing STAR TREK TRIVIA!!!!  :)

Can you believe with a house full of people there were only TWO pictures taken??????????  GASP!!!!!!!!!

Baby M hamming it up.

Happy Thanksgiving

Working on my gravy.   Slaving away in a kitchen for two days just for my family! 

Happy Thanksgiving

I guess we'll just have to rely on our memory for this holiday.


It finally worked! A week in review posted on a Tuesday!

Oh, Christmas Tree....

Lil O made me break a RULE yesterday! See :

Tree Collage

Teenage dating is hard on parents too.

I don't where to start this blog post.  I guess with some back story about H's boyfriend.  His mom and step-dad are together one week, broken up the next, back together, one's moving out the next week and so on and on.  I won't even bring up the fact that I think his step-dad is abusive.

Okay, so last week the BF calls H and upsets her.  Things will be going GOOD for them and then he'll bring something up to cause conflict.


I explain to H that it's the example he is being taught at home.  I told her that it would probably not change.  I am always honest with H because she needs that.  I don't sugar coat things.

So, last night I'm in bed and I hear H on the phone like pleading her case, begging for mercy type thing.  It angered me.  I knew it was the BF starting HIS stuff again.  So, I get up and tell H to get off the phone.  When she gets off TEN minutes later I follow her into her bedroom.

She doesn't want to talk to me about it but I am pretty persistent.  Like I'm not leaving this room until you talk and make you life miserable until then.  Apparently she talked to another guy.  To which I said, "BIG DEAL!!!!!  You're 15!!!!  You're supposed to enjoy these teenage years."

"Last time I checked you two aren't married and the only people you are supposed to explain yourself to is your PARENTS.  Last time I checked HE wasn't one of those."


At this point I just wanted to scream.  I always tell H that I love her and want what is best for her.

SIGH!!!  Did I do okay?  Should I have said those things?  I just don't want some TWIT jerking her around WEEK AFTER WEEK.  Makes me want to pop him up side his head!  Not hard, just to get his attention that I have my eye on him.

So, she ended the conversation with, "Can you please leave.  I want to go to bed."

I love all days that end in "Y". Don't you?

After strange dreams that involved Jake Gyllenhaal I woke up feeling rather refreshed.  I have a plan and I am sticking to it!!  All busy moms and dads should have a plan.  I find that if I write things down then I can relax more.  It sets my mind at ease.  It's written on paper so I don't have to worry about forgetting it.  Write things down!  You will feel so much better.

I have like three sheets on the fridge right now for this week.

~ my grocery list for Tuesday

~ things to do on Wednesday
Clean house.  Cut up veggies for all dishes.  Crumble all bread for dressing and get it made up to cook on Thursday.  Make the mashed sweet potatoes for the casserole. Make yeast rolls.

~ Thursday
Get up early to shower.  Put turkey into cook.  Cook dressing.  Make gravy.  Put together a sweet potato casserole with pecan crusted top.  Boil and devil the eggs.  Heat up rolls.  Make sweet tea?  Set table.  Tidy up around house.  ENJOY REST OF DAY WITH MY FAMILY!!!

Maybe even get the Christmas tree up over the weekend.  :)

Throw in laundry, taking O to practice and everything else I do into the mix!  I love my life! 

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Today we spent some quality time together as a family at Grove Park Inn.  We go every year to see the gingerbread houses.  I did a quick set on Flickr of a few pictures so you could check them out along with my family.  Just click the photo to be taken to the set.

Grove Park Inn Gingerbread Houses

It was a lovely time.  When we got home I was in a cooking mood so I made up two recipes and cooked one comfort food.  I made a tuna noodle casserole for comfort.  I love those things.

I am going to share two recipes you will want to try.

I made a crustless quiche that fits the SCD requirements for Superdad.  I mixed together eggs, farmers cheese, salt, pepper, garlic and lots of basil.  I poured it into a pie pan greased with butter and baked on 350 until done.  About 25 minutes I believe.  I cut this into triangles and put in the fridge.  It will help Superdad have a quick hot breakfast before he leaves the house.  About this SCD diet he's got going on, I made a banana bread with almond flour on Friday.  I didn't like it.  I didn't like how the almond flour cooked or even tasted at that.  Plus, it's tooo expensive to bake with.  You spend $10.00 on ONE POUND OF ALMOND FLOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm not joking about that.  Did I say it took all of the flour to make two very small loaves of bread for Superdad?

I made a peach pie on a whim with only things in my house.  Pie crust.  Can of sliced peaches.  Brown Sugar.  Butter.  Walnuts.  Cinnamon.  Rolled oatmeal.  I poured the juice in a bowl and placed the peaches in the pie crust.  I then poured some of the juice on the peaches to make sure they were just wet.  Not swimming but wet.  In another bowl I put the one stick of butter, rolled oatmeal, brown sugar, walnuts and some cinnamon.  Then I mixed it up until crumbly.  I then poured it all over the peaches.  I bake on 350 for about 25 minutes.  Or until the crust started to brown.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After all the above I took a nap with Baby M.  So, you are caught up.  Youtube still shows an error after uploading the video for an hour.  I read that youtube should have it fixed by Monday.  Let's hope!

Have a fabulous Monday you Supermom Junkies.  :)

This is where I type out what the week in review is about since I cannot get it to upload to YOUTUBE!

I talk about the video being dedicated to my friend Tammy and that I am making it long just for her.The video starts out with Baby M on my hip.  I talk about seeing the bears in the driveway and such.  We move to the couch.

I then talk about hormonal teenager going to see the midnight showing of the Twilight movie.  Twilight junkies.

I show you my new hair cut!  CHEAP THERAPY!!!!

Rough morning.  Baby M was playing with her poop then she busted her lip/mouth.  Poor baby.

I talk about B2 going on a scout trip on Saturday so I am taking H for a makeover at Clinique.  I love CLINIQUE.

All the while you are hearing Lil O watching the Backyardigans!

I talk about Superdad's diet.  Buying almond flour to experiment with some bread.

I talk about Gail, Guurrrl, and the 365 day challenge.  I want to make Gail some sugar and flour free bread! 

I then talk about Renee, Candy Stick Lane, working on a cover for my book.  I am trying to find an agent, who's FREE, to take a look to see if I'm wasting my time.  Renee sees my cover idea perfectly so I hope that all works out. 

Thanksgiving talk!!!!  Grocery shopping on Tuesday.  Cooking on Wednesday and Thursday.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend with your family and friends.  Thanks for visiting The Adventures of Supermom!

Week in Review.

I've tried all day to upload this video!!!!!  It keeps showing up an error!

As soon as I can I will get it posted.

The Three Bears

Last night about fifteen minutes until 11:00 pm Superdad came to get me out of bed.  He heard a noise in the driveway and looked out to see three bears roaming around out there.  It was pretty cool watching them walk around in our driveway and off into the night.  I am really glad the garage doors were shut because sometimes they are open for assorted reasons.

It's odd for them to be so close to town I would think.  Their home was turned into a housing development so they are left to wonder around the area.  Along with the turkeys.  Tragic huh?  It makes me a bit nervous with them getting so close.  Hmmmm.

So, who is going to admit in a comment that they went to watch that Twilight Movie last night at midnight?  Hormonal teenager went with my friend Anna to a midnight showing.  They are Twilight junkies and such.  Reading the books and counting down the months/days until the movie opened in theaters.  HA HA!!  H got home about 3am last night and told me it was AWESOME!!!!!!!  I just shook my head and went to bed.

I'm working on a Week in Review next so be prepared. :)

Yeah, about that.

I don't want this post to come across as me complaining or being difficult, so with that being said....

I was sitting here planning my Thanksgiving grocery list. Imagining all this YUMMY stuff I am going to prepare and enjoy on that thankful day. I then realize that Superdad will not be able to enjoy most of it unless he breaks this "diet" he is doing.

Superdad is making some changes in his diet. He is doing a Specific Carbohydrate Diet.  Also known as SCD.  It's a very DETAIL diet of things you CANNOT eat and CAN eat.  Mostly CANNOT eat.

I have got a system with my cooking and recipe rotation.  I make the bread, which he can no longer eat.  I prepare the dishes with all sorts of things he CANNOT eat.  Now, how do we go about this change as a family?  Am I supposed to change how I cook for the family since he is the only one on the diet?  Am I supposed to make the changes to make sure he gets the nutrients he is supposed to be getting.  Am I supposed to change my recipes to adjust?

I don't mind thinking ahead of my meal planning to see what he can eat and add things I know he can enjoy.  For example he cannot have tortilla shells or rice.  So when I make my tacos I can reserve some chicken to the side and he can eat it with the homemade guacamole that I've made and I can make something extra that fits his diet.  But for changing how I cook everything I don't want to make that change.  I'm not on the diet and enjoy the things I make at the moment.   See my conflict????

Okay, moving on.

Lil O had practice yesterday and she got her script!!!!!  She is thrilled.  Instead of a snake which she originally told me, she is an elephant!!  How cool is that??!??!??    I don't care what jungle animal she is just so she has a blast with all the other kids.

Well, the sun is shining through the windows lighting the house up in a beautiful glow.  That's my cue to enjoy this beautiful day.

A Series of Misfortunate Events.


Baby M draws on a wall

Being told NO:

Baby M draws on a wall

Hurt feelings:

Baby M draws on a wall

At least she wasn't eating them, right?

I'm a bit freaked out.

Okay, we're here sitting in the parking lot waiting for O to get out of practice. We smell this awful smell. I look around to see this stream of smoke coming from the building beside me.

It happens to be a funeral home.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

I googled and they offer cremation. You read between the lines.


Doesn't everyone skip around on Monday mornings?

Because I sure am! Two of the kids are in school.... Two are playing together.... House is almost clean..... Company coming after lunch for a play date..... Dinner is already planned out..... Lil O has play practice.....

Skip... Skip... Skip...

How was your weekend?? Details please!

I am counting down the days until Thanksgiving. I know I am a weird one. I never told you I was sane anyway. :)

Back to Thanksgiving food talk. I am going to brine my turkey this year. I hear it is fabulous that way. I cannot wait to try it. I even have my bird reserved. Skip...

I am a tad disappointed. I heard a Christmas song on the radio last week. HOW RUDE!! Can we not get through THANKSGIVING before Christmas starts stealing all the attention?!??!??!? Seriously. Let's not forget the meaning of Thanksgiving. We need to be thankful for right now, this moment. We should practice Thanksgiving every single day of the year. Right?

So enough Christmas talk until the day AFTER Thanksgiving or at least after you eat your Thanksgiving meal. Deal?

Oh, I had to stop anonymous comments Friday. I was getting lots of spam comments so I shut them down. It's easy and FREE to get a Google account. You'll need one to leave a comment from now on. (Or have LiveJournal, AIM, WordPress, TypePad accounts.)

Sorry if that complicates things a bit but spam complicates my life. I have to go and delete comments and such. :) I knew you would understand.

If you're going to act like a four year old then you will be treated like a four year old.

Today at the high school to collect hormonal teenager the baby was crying wanting out of the seat and Lil O was asleep with her mouth wide open.  School gets out at 3 and I give H until 3:10 to get to the car or she has been told I will come looking for her.  That scare tactic usually works bringing my teenage daughter to the car in a timely manner.

Until today.

It was 3:13.  I know that's not a big deal BUT when you have a crying baby you just want to get the hell out of there!  Plus, why does it take 13 minutes to get to the car????  I know why!!!  Yacking and smooching with the boyfriend.  I wasn't born yesterday no matter what she may believe.

My first words, "If you don't start getting here on time then you can ride the bus."  She hands me a piece of paper to which I am holding as I start to pull off.  She's like, "I'm sorry BUT..."  I told her to stop making excueses that I didn't want to hear it.  To which she takes the paper from me and throws it at me saying she wasn't making excuses.


Instinct took over and I smacked her arm with the back of my hand and said, "Don't throw things at me.  If you want to act like a FOUR year old then you will be treated like a FOUR year old."

"By hitting me?????"

First, I didn't HIT you I smacked you.  THERE is a difference.  Second, I don't know why I did it.  I told her as such.  ~shaking head~  I guess if Lil O threw something at me I may have smacked a hand or an arm to get her attention to tell her not to do that again.

I just don't know why I smacked her arm.  I was stressing out about it thinking I had done something very bad.  I don't think I did.  It all happened so quickly.  I know it didn't physically hurt her.  More emotionally than anything.  

Oh well, such is life.

Week in Review

Week in Review. Mads wakes and kisses. Thanksgiving meal. The dreaded Christmas shopping begins.

What Children of Divorce Experience During the Holidays

Sharing an older post because I think it's important for you to know if you are divorced and have children.

Remember it's about our kids and not about us.  No matter what your EGO may think.

FYI!!  ~~  I didn't write the following.  It is from a previous post.  You can click below to go to the source.

Children of separated families may find the holiday season to be more difficult than usual.
  • Children may feel anxious from the excess chaos
  • They may feel caught in the middle as parents negotiate who spends what time where
  • They may feel resentful at having to leave friends and family to stay with a non-custodial parent
  • Children may feel overwhelmed and exhausted as they are shuffled back and forth between houses
  • They may feel as though they wish they could "split themselves in half" so that each parent will be satisfied
  • They may feel sad as they reminisce on holidays when the family was still together
  • Kids may miss one parent while spending time with the other
  • They may feel guilty at leaving the other parent alone on a holiday

Tips for Divorced Parents to Survive the Holidays

There are many things that both parents can do to enjoy the holidays and ease the transition for their children.
  • Teach the child to embrace his expanded family and the fact that he gets to celebrate the holidays twice
  • Do not over-indulge the child with too many presents or candy; this is not healthy for anyone
  • One parent should not compete with the other over who gets the child a "better gift" – if possible, strategize with the other parent to ensure even gift-giving
  • Have a set schedule, preferably one that is set by family court. Typically, parents should alternate holidays each year. This takes the burden off the child having to decide where he would like to spend his time and also minimize arguing between parents
  • Let the child in on the schedule in advance so that they know what to expect
  • Put differences aside – do not argue with an ex-spouse in front of the child
  • Teach the child what the holiday is truly about so that they can better appreciate the experience
  • Plan fun outings and make new traditions such as caroling, ice skating, or catching a new movie in between the holidays to minimize the importance of a single big celebration
  • Keep time together simple so that the child does not feel overburdened and overwhelmed
  • Set a positive example so that the child is able to enjoy himself; parents should express their own frustrations to another adult, not to their child
  • Recognize that most children want and need contact with both of their parents, especially during the holidays
  • Allow the child to have phone or email contact with the other parent, especially on the holiday itself
  • Allow the child to vent any frustrations
  • Love and celebrate the child during these special times
The best thing that both parents can do is to recognize and be aware of their child’s emotions during this sensitive time. There is no time like the holidays for parents embroiled in separation disagreements to find a common ground – teaching their child to enjoy the magic of the season.

I love you, you love me...

I was going to make the title 'Cause That's How I Roll but for some strange reason the Barney song if running through my head.  We haven't even watched Barney in months so who knows!

Yesterday I ran to the drug store to pick up a couple of things and bought a sappy love card for Superdad.  ~smile~  I signed it and placed it where he would find it when he got home.

Fast forward to bedtime talk.

Superdad ~ What made you get me that amazing card that made my day?  (No, he didn't say those exact words.)

Supermom ~ I walked past the card aisle.

~insert lots of laughter from me here.~

Superdad ~ Well, that wasn't what I was going for.  Something like because you couldn't stop thinking about me and wanted to tell me how you felt and bought this amazing card.

Supermom ~ I found it in the LOVE section!!

~more laughing~

Supermom ~ If it makes you feel any better I looked at two other cards until I found the perfect one.

Superdad ~  I love you.

Supermom ~ I love you.

I am such a man!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I think we've been told that I am like the man in the relationship. 

My left boob would like to thank you for all the well wishes.  It's feeling better as each day passes.  The heating pad helps so much.  I slept with it again last night.  The lumps are even gone.  WHEW!!!!!!

Must go find coofffffeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Planning your Thanksgiving meal.

This blog will be about the wonderful food that comes with Thanksgiving.  I have always loved Thankgsiving!  More than Christmas.  It's time with my family without the stress of shopping and gift giving.

It's a thrill.  Cooking, eating and socializing.  It's a wonderful tradition to have with your children.  I just absolutely love Thanksgiving!

I started planning a menu for this years feast.  EXCITING!!!  Last year I cooked everything for my family.  They just had to show up and have a fabulous time playing with the kids.  Well, and enjoy the meal.  It was delicious BTW.  This year I am delegating dishes for others to bring.  I do have four needy kids this year and don't think I want to cook for two straight days this year.

If you plan on hosting this fabulous meal it is okay to delegate others to bring a dish.  It will be a sit down dinner here so I wanted to plan the menu.  For a buffet style you can be more lenient with food that is brought.

**Note ~ my family offered to bring a dish, they wanted me to tell them which one so there wouldn't be multiple dishes of sweet potato casserole and such.  I didn't want you to think I was being a total control freak. 

Here's our menu:

Turkey and Dressing with Gravy ~ Me
Sweet Potato Casserole ~ Me
Creamed Corn ~ Aunt K
Green Bean Casserole ~ Lynn
Slaw ~ Lynn
Deviled Eggs ~ Me
Yeast Rolls ~ Me, of course!!!!!

Desserts ~ Mamaw

Cranberry Relish and/or Apple Salad ~ My MIL

My mouth is already watering.  Next, to make my grocery list.  What's your favorite part of Thanksgiving?

Cause that's how she rolls.

Actual discussion with Lil O before we ordered lunch today.

Aunt M ~ What kind of pizza do you want?

Lil O ~ Pepperoni.

Supermom ~ But you don't like pepperoni.

Lil O ~ I  can pick it off.

Supermom ~ Then why not get a cheese pizza?

Lil O ~ Because I want pepperoni.

Supermom ~ But you don't like pepperoni!

Lil O ~ But I can pick it off.

~shaking head~  Round and round she goes.

Tonight is date night at the Supermom house.  Take-out and a movie while snuggled with Superdad on the sofa.  Sounds fabulous.

Week in Review.

These aren't the droids you're looking for.

Superdad is all the time using Jedi mind tricks around the house.  We find it rather funny.  He gets the look and says, "These aren't the droids you're looking for."  Insert cookies, cake, whatever else he wants in the place of droids.

He sent me this cute picture and I wanted to show it to you.

He found this on Neatorama.

You should check them out on a daily basis.  It's a great site!!

On another note, Lil O is still sick.  She's on the couch barking orders as she watches crap cartoons over and over again!  At the moment I have Baby M in my lap nursing.  I feel so under appreciated at this moment.

I have been able to work on Kid Friendly Asheville though.  I've been behind since it's the first of the month. So, I was able to use the TV as a babysitter so I could catch up on work for half an hour.  ~shaking head~

That's all I got.  Sick kid and work.

BEWARE! I am a grouchy Supermom.


Lil O is sick with the flu.  She was up and down last night throwing up.  Then I'd hold her hand until we drifted off to sleep only for her to wake up to throw up again.  Between all that fun I'd try to catch some zzz's and nurse Baby M.

I'm up now.  I hurt all over.  I am sure it was sleeping in the pretzel position most of the night.  Or lack of sleep.  Or or or...

I'm also pissed that I cannot talk to a single LIVING person on the PHONE about my Flickr Pro account.  My year was up and we've been trying to sign me up for another year because that's where all my photos are stored.  I keep getting an error message.

Please correct the following problems
  • Authorization failed because you EITHER entered an invalid CVV code, OR your credit card number / address / expiration date information is invalid. Please review all of your credit card details and try again.

ON THEIR PART.  So, I get an email this morning sort of meaning that maybe I don't have the funds in my paypal account to pay for it.  You know, that angers me.  It shouldn't but since the lack of sleep and hearing my baby throw up all night has messed with my sanity, it pissed me off.  I emailed back saying, "I assure you we have the funds the problem is on YOUR end."  The email went something like that.

I hope that every time I used the debit card they haven't taken funds out.  I've used it a lot of times trying to get it to go through.  I've even used a credit card.  THE PROBLEM IS ON THEIR END!!!!!! 

~deep breath Michelle~

Okay, I'm off to meditate.  Oh hell, who am I kidding?  I'm going to drink more coffee and hold O's hair back while she throws up.

That's what it's all about!

I am very proud to admit that we almost always have dinner as a family.  It's a place we say grace and are able to be with each other enjoying a fabulous meal that I have prepared out of love for my family.

On special occasions they, my family, even give me something funny to blog about.  Tonight is one of those nights.

Superdad ~  Looks over as H is grabbing her boob.  Has weird look on his face.

H ~ "My boob hurts."

Superdad ~ "Why does it hurt?"

H ~ "I don't know, like a cramp.  You know?"

Superdad ~ "No, I don't know."

Supermom ~ "Thanks for giving me something to blog about.  Got to love family dinner time!"

Michelle Duggar why didn't you call me?!?!?!?!?

I'm a bit bummed because last night I get a message telling me that the Duggars were at a local church!!!!!  A WHAT???  Yes, they were in my town!!!  They were worshiping at a local church!!!  They even had a book signing!!!!!!


I would have loved to have known this sooner because I would have gone to see and hopefully meet their wonderful family!  I would have really enjoyed that!

Oh well.....

I'm sorry that we weren't able to meet Michelle Duggar!!  Next time email me and we'll do lunch!

Kitchen Tip # 46

~I'm only guessing on the number up there.~

I make lots of bread including cornbread and sometimes there are leftovers stuck in the fridge.  Do not throw it out!!!!

I have a special container in the freezer for that bread.  I use that bread to make bread crumbs, croutons and my mamaw's FAMOUS DRESSING!!!!!!!  Yes, it's that time again!  Time to plan out Thanksgiving meals!!  Thanksgiving is my favorite all time holiday.   Time spent with my family without the stress of presents!

I absolutely love Thanksgiving!!!!!

If you remember last year I made the whole meal for my family!  THE WHOLE MEAL!!!!!  Click HERE to read all about that adventure and see pictures.  It was such a wonderful experience for me.  Starting a tradition that my kids can look forward to as they get older!!!!!!!

So, let the Thanksgiving Meal planning begin!!!!

Thanksgiving 2008

Random Halloween Pictures

All ready for the blog party.

Happy Halloween

My Baby Puppy having fun on the slide.

Happy Halloween

My dragon trick-or-treating.

Happy Halloween