You call it YELLING. I call it parenting.

I just came across this article  For Some Parents, Shouting is the new Spanking.

I'm torn with the article.
They resort to reminding, nagging, timeout, counting 1-2-3 and quickly realize that those strategies don’t work to change behavior. In the absence of tools that really work, they feel frustrated and angry and raise their voice.
Yes, that is EXACTLY how it works.  I am speaking for myself but I get so TIRED of no one listening to me.  I remind.  I nag.  We have a timeout chair.  I COUNT and they even count WITH ME!!!!  I then get frustrated and RAISE MY VOICE!!!!

It gets their attention.  They know, "Okay, moms had enough.  I better do what she said!"

Half the time they don't even think that.  I am ignored.  SHRUG.

As parents we can only do the best we can at any given time.  We do what works.  If you have to raise your voice then you have to raise your voice.  Enough said.


All those studies, I just want to raise my kids to be decent human beings. We got spanked, slapped, beat - whatever you want to call it, and we turned out just fine. Now we can't yell?

Professor Rohner "My bottom-line recommendation is don’t yell,” he said. “It is a risk factor for a family.”

I wonder if he has children that drive him up the wall because he does have children, and they don't drive him up the wall, then they are robots.

On the Jay Leno show, Jay said that they now have robots that bring you snacks. Jay reminded his that his dad one of those - him.

These researchers are such a --- forget it, I am trying to limit my french.
Angela said…
I get sick of these "professionals" who want to try and tell everyone how to raise kids. If they are so dang smart WHY DON'T WE HAVE A PARENT'S MANUAL YET????

No matter what we do, someone says it's wrong. My recommendation for Professor Rohner is to (1) stop letting his kids run the roost or (2) never have kids. Since I am not sure if he has kids, he can pick between the two.
Kelly said…
Before you know it, Experts will tell us to not discipline at all. They will tell us to let the kids be in charge. My philosophy is and always will be to discipline the way I see fit. I don't think any mother can say that she hasn't or wont ever yell. If she does, then she's lying or a Stepford Wife.
Kati said…
I completely agree! Children will inevitably test boundaries.. my kids will stare me right in the face and tell me no, or completely ignore me.. and no matter how nice I try to be.. it gets me nowhere..
Supermom said…
We all are such wonderful moms!!!!!

Thanks for all the great emails!
rachel... said…
I hate to admit, I'm a yeller, too. But for the record, I don't START OFF yelling. I do ask nicely first. Then, a little more firmly, then I demand. Then yell. I don't like this about myself, and I'm sure it's not GOOD for the kids and nobody feels good after I've yelled. Honestly, I need to work on having more patience.

I don't think yelling is the end of the world, but I think there must be a better way, too. I always think: How come my kids listen to their teachers? And the teachers don't yell and scream. I need to start doing whatever it is the teachers are doing...
Rachel - I don't know how the teachers do it either. THat is why I am not a teacher.
Supermom said…
Yeah, teachers have a magic skill for sure!