Yeah, I DID just say this!

I'm going to run away and never come back!


Mary said…
Can I come along too, please that is it we have a deal you run to Delaware, pick me up. Then we can head to Boston MA my two aunts are Roman Catholic Nuns.
They are looking for some new ladies to join the vocation.
Heck we will not have to worry about picking out clothes each day they have it covered.
Brown dress, with white vestments over top and white head veil.
Heck they ever shop at Costco and go to Star bucks,
Want to hear best deal of all they gets lots of free stuff, like meals and goodies,
that is the plan pick me up tonight
honk once and i will coming running out.............LOL Mary
Supermom said…
Wouldn't we have to give up sex with OTHER PEOPLE? Not like I'm getting lots of it anyway but STILL!!!!
Mary said…
However the Catholic church has in the last ten years changed their ideas on things. Maybe if they want us bad enough we can still have sex and drink lol.. That was a good point that you made about the sex
Supermom said…