WOW!! This is orgasm worthy! HONEST, it is.

I am in a very creative mood today so I am baking/making a brand new bread.  I made up this awesome bread batter using pear juice.  Then in a small bowl I crumbled up butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and walnuts.  Then I cut up some pears.

I layered it like dough, pears, brown sugar mixture and then poured more dough on top!  It's baking right now.  By just tasting the uncooked batter and eating some of the brown sugar mixture I was in heaven.

I will take pictures and add it to my ETSY shop if anyone else wants to try it.

I've been a busy Supermom this morning.  The house is spotless!  NO ONE BREATH!!!

The kids are happy and playing.  I have bread baking and hot coffee in my mug.


What's your plans for today?


Fooducopia said…
Hi Super Mom. Nice job on the sweet bread. Its so hard to find hand crafted food like that out here in Washington. I am a farmers market vendor in Washington State who is always looking for new ideas.

Supermom I wanted to let you know about which my partner and I developed especially for food producers like you and me. I know you're selling on Etsy but we developed the technology for Food Producers to create delivery areas and pick up locations.

Check it out SuperMom and if your interested we can chat more about. Congratulations on your products. I bet their delicious.


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