What a difference a year makes!

One Year

I was transferring some photos I took of the new hair cut and noticed how "thin" my face looks.  So, I went back to last October and found a "fat" picture of me.  Then compared the two!!!  I should have known to NOT keep my hair so short since I was so PLUMP!!!!!!!!  WOW!!

I cannot believe those photos are one year apart!  Have I really lost that much weight?

Shouldn't you be happy about this Michelle?" you ask.

Well, I never really noticed the baby weight.  I have always been confident in my appearance that the extra weight never bothered me.  The only time it became a problem was when I had to buy smaller panties because my granny ones wouldn't stay up.  Or when I had to buy smaller pants because the others were to baggy even with a belt.

Wait, I take that back!!!  My after baby breasts bother me.  I have always been a small breasted woman and I LOVED it!  Having these JUGS now makes me unhappy.  Weird I know.  It's true.  I want my A cups back but I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that picture with you.  I hadn't realized I was so PLUMP!!!!!


Mrs Furious said…
I love before and after pictures. Yes you've lost some weight... more so recently. It's like you are melting!
guurrrl said…
Before and after shots can be so dramatic! Your are stunning before & after :D
Supermom said…
Well, I haven't done anything differently!!!!


Thank you Gail!
Mary said…
well last yr you did have an infant, now your slimmer because Mady still nurses that takes over 400 calories daily. Either way darlin you are fab with your looks. I prefer the word fluffy not plump lol