Week in Review.

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Mary said…
TGIF, love the fact that your did the review lying down. Need a good few minutes of rest every now and then. About the C that Hannah got if she is an A /B student maybe the work is harder this year. Perhaps she is the type of teen that does not want to ask for help with the class.My girls hated to ask the teacher for help they felt like their freinds would make fun of them for doing that because it is not so cool. You know staying after school is for activities not extra help. Ugh kids......
Or perhaps she thought she might like to take it easy and cruise thru the class this past semester, mine did that as well. Mandy would say mom dont blow a gasket i am passing so is that not good enough. Darn kids. So glad the high school drama is so over with, and for you it has only begun. Well Michelle good luck with being the Winner of the blog contest. make sure your hair makeup and dress is perfect I am sure their will be a photo or two taken. Have a great weekend, Mary
Mrs Furious said…
Oh you are too nice.
I'm happy we met too!

Kmart is different. I was just in there a couple of weeks ago and I think I saw sheets with like a 700 thread count... I didn't even know you could get that!