Week in Review.


Monica said…
sorry I've not talked to you much this week...My family SUX (I hate that word) I've stayed ticked off all week well week and a half (maybe I should be putting this on Mrs. F's page about how my life sux...lol

I just wanted to tell you I'm thanking God for my friends because my familty is crazy. Maybe it is me and everyone else is normal.

Sorry you are having to go back to hell...Oh!!! I mean school. I can pass by and start getting sick at my stomach from the flash backs.
Anonymous said…
HI there I have a suggestion for halloween costumes for Lil O and Baby M. Dalmation dogs. I had my girls dressed that way one year. I got white sweat pants and hoodie sweat shrits.
Took black felt and cut into assorted circle shapes and sizes. Used tacky glue on back so i could peel off and use the sweats after halloween. Took a tube sock and filled it with quilting stuffing. for the tail. Got black felt and cut out ears and glued them to the hoodie.
Took black eye liner made wiskers took pink lip stick and made a cute little pink nose. They were cute as could be just a suggestion Mary
Supermom said…

We went through old costumes because I keep them ALL!!

Baby M is a Dalmatian. H, B2 and Lil O have worn the same costume!!!

O is going to be Cassie from Dragon Tales. Used to be H's.

B is going to be a Vampire.

H is going to be a witch.

I am going to be a HULA GIRL!! I have no idea where that costume came from!!!