Tonight's the Night

Remember all that voting I asked you to do???  Well, tonight we see if I win for Mom Blogger in WNC area.  I got a sitter.  IE:  Superdad.  My gal pal partner in crime Anna is coming with me all dressed up as a witch.  I'm a witch toooo.

I've never ventured out to a get together with other bloggers/tweeters/FB'ers before so I get to meet lots of new people.  Put faces to blogs and such.  It will be exciting.

I will have my Blackberry with me and will post the verdict!!  I will also be taking my camera with me and will blog all about it when I get a chance.

Yesterday, was a no school day and I felt just yucky!  I didn't really do anything productive.  I was going to make bread but realized I was out of yeast.  SO, I was able to actually take it easy.  Except when Baby M grabbed the nail polish brush from the bottle slinging nail polish all over my living room rug.  Which made me cry!  I love that rug.  I scrubbed with hairspray and remover and got it all up.  (I already had a back up rug picked out though fearing the worst.)

Be safe this weekend enjoying Halloween with your family and friends.

I might post a week in review later.  It depends.


Mary said…
Michelle have fun tonight at the event.I had a finger nail polish
all over rug once too, another thing to remove it with is goo be gone, or wd40. Glad you got it out. Have a great weekend and hope the kids have fun tonight with dad.Have fun trick or treating tomorrow night too.
I am going to a party tomorrow night it is my neice's 21st birthday. BIg bash but im not dressing up I did buy a shirt at target with a pumpkin on it lol. Love from itty bitty DE your pal,Mary
Supermom said…
Have fun Mary! Happy Halloween!
Monica said…
Crossing fingers for supermom tonight!!!