This made my day! Thank you Mary for emailing it to me.

Count your blessings.

Smell some flowers.

Schedule playtime.

Take a walk.

Sing a song.



Love someone.

Smile and open your heart to others.

Day dream.

Know that God always cares about you.


I am glad you had a good day today!:) Thanks for the list.
Supermom said…
How was your weekend?????
Mary said…
Michelle thanks for posting the list, Isn't it wonderful. So nice that your were productive in the kitchen. Did you see the movie Julie and Julia. It was great sorta reminds me of you in the kitchen cooking. Take care my freind tomorrow I am busy, my dad is having an operation on his legs, praying he does well and all goes well. Mary
Supermom said…
No, I haven't seen the movie. We did follow the blog when she was doing her challenge though.

I wish your dad the best! Please let me know how it goes!!!!