Supermom & Superdad try to HIDE from the kids!!

Supermom ~ "Honey, quick come here!!!"

Supermom rips the quilt down on the bed and jumps in the bed.

Superdad jumps in too.  We then hear the footsteps running to our bedroom.

We pull the quilt over our heads.  I've got my head on his shoulder laughing.

ALL FOUR kids end up in our room.  B comes to tell us that Lil O hit him.  Lil O comes to tell us that B spit on her.  H goes INTO detail about make-up on the hand towel.  Then B comes running to tell us that Baby M is digging in my avocado plant!!  She then comes in the room with a DIRTY hand!!

So, as you can see we are up.  So much for hiding out in our bed!!!!  They do go to bed soon, right???


Kelli said…
Ha! We've done that SO many times! (lol) It's sad really, but they always manage to find us. =)
Supermom said…
Yes, they are like blood hounds!!!!!