Supermom pregnant??

You get a tummy bug for a few days and the accusations FLY!!!!!!!!!  People are taking bets on:

~ twins?
~ boy?
~ girl?
~ my sanity?

Just so you know.  I AM NOT PREGNANT!!!!!  I was going to wait until next year to see if I could talk Superdad into that.  GEESH!!!!


Mary said…
LOL Michelle is that your final answer your not pregnant.............. hope you feel better soon
Kelly said…
I love how people always assume that if a women is sick she's preggers. I can go to the doc for a sore throat and they do a pregnancy test! I hope you are able to talk Superdad into it when you're ready.
I almost said "poor superdad." Good, you have still have time to convince him. The last thing we need is superdad getting a surprise.
Supermom said…
LOL!!! Yes, that is my final answer!
Anonymous said…
Why is it that people always you are preggy you don't feel well, that is so silly! I guess that is why they say don't assume it makes an ass out of u and me!!!