Supermom needs you.

~insert big sigh here~

I got this IM last night from my friend Tammy, you know the one that encouraged me to buy this domain name, she wanted me to call her today when I had time.  I wondered if I was in trouble.  Was I a bad girl?  Did I forget something as I walk around in my Supermom haze.  You know, I just didn't know.

So, I called her after I had my hair cut.  H had hers cut too.  These are my words, not hers.  I am just telling you how it came across to me.  She meant it in the BEST of ways so don't get angry!!!!

You're not blogging good these days.  I'm not feeling it.  Supermom isn't like it used to be.  We need to come up with a plan to get you back on track!  

I admit, I feel the same way.  I don't have much to blog about these days.  I would totally hate to be a bore telling you every little move I make every day.

Get up.  Fixed coffee.  Dressed kids.  Worked on the computer.  Made more coffee.  Talked on the phone.  Washed clothes.  Made the bed.  Fixed lunch.  Played with kids.  Sat on the couch.  Took a 15 minute power nap.  Get kids from school.  Take B to speech.  Fix dinner.  Give kids a bath.  Drink coffee.  This could go on and on and on and on and on for PAGES!!!!

Have I bored you in the past with telling you these mundane facts of my day?  Did you ever think, "MY GOD Michelle, GET A LIFE!!!!"

Well, have you?  You can be honest!!!  Lord knows I am honest with you!

I don't think I am having a block.  I guess I am just in a place where I am really not doing anything you would probably want to hear about.  Even the kids have been behaving.  DAMMIT!

I'm sorry I have been letting you down.  ~hanging head~

I promise to try and do better.  I'll try to write an insightful post a couple times a week.  Share a recipe with you occasionally.  Even pass on the funniest of jokes!!!!  I will even let you know if I review something cool for my other blog.

That's all I can do.


Vanessa said…
Not at all! It makes me feel better when one of my weeks goes kinda "blah"!

We all have those kinds of weeks and it doesn't help that the month of September until Halloween are busy with everyday life...
Mrs Furious said…
All this went down since I was there?!!
Supermom said…
Yes. I picked up H and we stopped at a hair place and had our hair cut. Ha ha.

Then I talked to Tammy.

I had a good time with you today. I am going to totally be bummed if you move. I don't have many friends in this town of mine!!!

Opinions on the blog?
Mrs Furious said…
I think ups and downs is just par for the course of blogging for the long haul. I have times like that... where I just don't think I have anything I can bring to the table. But just when I start thinking that something will happen and I'll get my inspiration back. Ride it out.
Keep you head up, Mama! You're not alone. We all go through our slumps where blogging is concerned.

I know you have it in you, so just be patient. You will soon have more than enough inspiration to blog your heart out.

I adore your blog, and I have never thought of you as a bore. You write with honesty, and that's definitely a quality I admire.
Kelly said…
You were the first blog I ever read! You were also the one who helped me get started with my blog. I still read every post you do! Don't worry and have a nice day!
Supermom said…
Thanks for all the wonderful comments!!!

Michelle :)