Week in Review.

TGIF!!!  Is all I can say!  Last night I was in bed by 8 PM!!!  Really, I was.  I curled up with Baby M to get her to sleep and I was out like a light.  Since I haven't been sleeping well I am guessing my body was taking over and making me get some much needed rest.  Thank you body.

I am going to try something.  Renee mentioned that I could put my bread on ETSY.  ETSY is for homemade goods.  That's where her Candy Stick Lane clothing is listed.  So, I made an account.  I thought I would give it a try and see how it goes.  I thought I would advertise some of my delicious bread and see what happens.  Superdad said I am doing tooo much.  But I am just trying to find a place for me.  Make sense?

Okay, for your viewing pleasure!  I know that's why you come on Friday's to begin with!  :)

Week in Review. All about Halloween. ETSY. Michelle Duggar.


Mary said…
Love week in review, Love the halloween costumes. I had to laugh
because I was watching the Dugger's as well and thought wow she is so calm. I was famous for yelling. My kids used to call me Old Yeller...........
I bought at Christmas Tree shop some Pumpkin coffee it was yummy too. Those coffee with flavors are usually good I only had one that was awful. It was rasberry truffle. Ick and eww had this odd smell.
That is great that your going to see about selling your baked goods.
Could be a good thing.
Well have a great weekend...Loved the video week in review keep them coming.

OH PS: I just love your hair cut, does Barry know you cheated on him.This new cut has a bit more sassy look around the ears and top. YOu carry off the short style with class.

Love Ya , Mary
Supermom said…
Mary ~

Thank you!! Yeah, I am not Michelle Dugger!!!!! HA HA!!!! I want what drug she is taking!!!!! :)

Yeah, I usually don't do flavors. I just make a breakfast blend. The flavors they sent me are really tasty though.

Yeah, we shall see about this ETSY thing. I am going to give it a try next week.

Thanks about the hair. Barry doesn't know of my infidelity yet. Shhhhhhhhhh.
Julie said…
So I live in G'ville, SC and I've not heard of Black Ass Coffee! I'm so wanting to try the Vanilla and the Pumpkin!Do you know if they are only online or do they have a local place I can visit to make a purchase?
Supermom said…
Julie ~

Try :


Michelle :)
Monica said…
Dropping by to see what you are up too...
guurrrl said…
I can't wait to visit your Etsy shop!!!
Kelly said…
I'm a screamer too! There's only so many times you can say don't do that and stop calmly! Definitely gonna find out about Black Ass coffee since they are here in town. Have a nice weekend!
Mary said…
Michelle unless Barry reads your blog your hair cut is a sure secret lol.
I have a question do any of your readers watch all my children I was not home today to see who killed Stuart.
I spent to much time at the grocery store, dollar tree and the bank..

Anyone that wants to let me know just respond here or drop me at line at mem1157@comcast.net
Thanks an all you lovely ladies have a great weekend I am going on road trip with hub tomorrow Cabela's in Hamburg PA who knows what I signed up for he got me to go by saying on way home we can go to Amish country and Cracker Barrel