Supermom Cleans ~ 10-Minute Tidy

The other day I shared one of my cleaning tips with my friend Anna.  I thought I would share it with you.

On NON-cleaning days I do a 10-Minute Tidy.  Actually, sometimes it's more or less than than 10 minutes but whatever works.

There are six people living in our house so it can get messy in a heartbeat as they say.  In the morning while coffee is brewing or after I've had a cup I will do my 10-Minute Tidy.  Usually I start in my bathroom by picking up towels and cleaning off things left around the sink.  Then I move to my bedroom to make the bed and put clothes up abandoned by their wearer.  IE:  SUPERDAD

Then I go to H's room.  Sometimes I just shut the door and walk away other times I may pick up clothes and pillows off the floor and shut drawers on her dresser.   Most times I just shut the door, I did today!!!

Then I move onto the other bathroom.  Hang up towels and clean up around the sink.  The kids are bad for not rinsing the sink out when they brush their teeth!!!!

Next is B2's room.  I open his blinds and pick up pj's off the floor.  I also try to NOT mess up the Yu-Gi-Oh cards spread out on the floor.  Most times I shut his door so the babies don't wonder in.

Yes, the above only takes a matter of minutes.  Yet, there's more!!

In the kitchen I may unload or load the dishwasher.  Just put up anything left out.

I make my way through the dining room straightening whatever is messed up.

In the living room I fluff the pillows and tidy up the couch.  Throw toys into the play area.

Play area:  NOT TOUCHING IT YET!!!!!!!!

Office area ~ That's where I am now.  Looks pretty decent at the moment.  Except for the piles and all but it'll do.

There you have it.  My 10-Minute Morning Tidy!  Add a 10-Minute after dinner tidy and you are SET!!!!!!

I have a motto that I tell the kids when they are helping,