Pumpkin Bread


Pumpkin Bread

She made pumpkin bread the other day!  I went digging for my Pumpkin Bread recipe.  So, I just pulled these two babies out of the oven!!!!  

The house smells so yummy!  I cannot wait to cut one of the loaves and add some butter.  I hope I don't eat it all today!


Mary said…
Oh the smell of baking bread in the fall, I love the smell of pumpkin spice. Have you ever taken an orange cut into pieces, add one cup of water and two tablespoons of cinnamon boil on top of stove and turn off you have the yummy smell going thru out the house.
Today I am making apple brown betty. One can of apple pie filling, one teaspoon of vanilla, one tea spoon of cinnamon. Mix thru out the apples. Pour into a pan you sprayed with Pan, then in small bowl mix 4 tablespoons of butter, four tablespoons of flour and 6 tablespoons of brown sugar and 3/4 cups of rolled oats.
mix all this then top your apples put in oven at 325 for aprox 35 minutes or until it begins to bubble around edges and the top browns yummmy in the tummy
I tried this recipe several times too! It is to die for!!!!!!!!
Kelly said…
Everyone in my house LOVES your pumpkin bread recipe. It's gone as soon as I make it!!
Supermom said…
Glad it's a HIT!! We've already eaten one loaf!!!! Well, I did send some to work with Superdad.