My Best Friend.

I've been debating to blog about this all morning.  I feel that it's important so I am.

Yesterday I was having an emotional day.  I was dealing with a couple of things.  I won't go into detail because that's not the issue.

I needed to talk to someone about it.  Someone that only wants what is best for me.  Someone that protects me.  Someone that loves me unconditionally no matter what.  So, I talked to my best friend last night.  My husband.

I told him the emotions I had been dealing with.  I just talked.  He listened.

He was understanding.  He was there for me.

It was awesome to have this closeness with him.  To know that I could tell him anything.

I know I disappointed him a bit.  For that I am sorry.  He also knows that I love him with my whole heart.

We both know our marriage needs a bit of tweaking.  When there are kids in the house you tend to put your needs in line.  Towards the back of everything else.  We both want more out of our marriage together.  Now, to accomplish that.  We are going to make more time for each other.  Go back to doing things together that we used to enjoy as a couple.

So, readers of this blog here's a question for you.

How do you keep the spark alive in your marriage when the kids drain everything from you????

I propose that Superdad take me out on a date.  Woo me.  I am sure he'd be a lucky man when we get home.

If the kids are asleep that is.


rachel... said…
I must admit that I'm NOT one who should be passing out advice on marital harmony, but having a regular date night seems like an AWESOME idea to me!!!
Mrs Furious said…
I'm sorry you had a rough day. And I think it speaks to your marriage that you could talk about it together.

We keep the spark alive by making fun of each other... for some reason that always works!
Supermom said…
Yes, I agree a date night is in order.

Mrs F ~ Thanks. It's part of life I suppose. HA HA!! I'm not sure that would work for Superdad.

I'm sorry you are dealing with the birthday thing as well as everything else!!!!

When would you like to get together for therapy??? I'm open to anything!
Mary said…
SORRY FOR YOUR ROUGH DAY, My hubby and I have always had one date a month when kids were small.
Now that they are older we go out to dinner each friday night and always go someone where on saturday. Now keep in mind my kids are 19 now and 24.
Maybe you need to take Lil O and Mady out of your room.
That there can lend some more spark, just hugging, snuggle, touching. I know your all about the family bed, But mom and dad need some private time, ducking now for fear you might throw something at me just a suggestion,maybe you can talk Hannah into baby sitting even if it means paying her a little cash .....
Date night...It's what helps us get out of the normal routine and rut of work, parenting and fatigue. Plus just the excitement of spending time together out heats things up until the day comes.
Heather Nicole said…
So I will just reiterate what everybody else said...I know we only have one child but I felt like we were newly weds again after our first date without Isabel. I can't even remember where we went, but when we came home we were love birds again. Also, getting away from Isabel makes me that much more excited to see her and attentive to her when I am with her.
I of course know nothing about your "snuggle" time with your hubby, but I was actually wondering how the family bed played into that. Not saying I want you to answer that question at all, but I said all that to say I sort of agree with "Mary". I believe your spouse should take priority over your kids. That may sound horrible, but you and your spouse are "one". It is often difficult to actually follow through with that. Hope your days get better!
Supermom said…
I wanted to add, since it's been brought up, that the family bed has nothing to do with "snuggle" time with Superdad. I think I can speak for the both of us on this one. We both treasure every moment the kids are in our bed.

Again, they are only small for a short time, why shouldn't we enjoy that time with them?

I guess for us it's that we use our time for different things. For him it could be reading or riding his bike. For me it could be the computer or tv.

We just need to reevaluate and start doing things together as a couple.

Thanks for all the great comments. Keep them coming.
Heather Nicole said…
Sorry SM I shouldnt have even gone that route. I meant that only if it interfered with alone time. Sorry.

We have been trying to find a hobby we enjoy together. We like doing the same stuff as far as dinner, movie, etc. He has golf, I have art, and for now we are happy to play Wii together occasionally ha ha. What a date!
Penelope Anne said…
LOL! after 2 divorces I can't really speak on this one! I could make you a list of what not to do -but it would start with DONT get married!!!! ROF!!! JK! I think the big thing is - is that people realize everything changes - so what works at one point may not work 2 years later - its important to re-evaluate - and you and SD are GREAT about communicating your TRUE feelings - and thats what will make it last! XO
Penelope Anne said…
I will say -and ya know my kids slept with me and hubbs (x2) the kids NEVER stopped us from doing anything - once mine were asleep it was on like donkey kong baby
!!!! hee hee!
Supermom said…
Heather ~ No no, it's okay!! I talk about sex all the time on this blog. Or the LACK of it! I just didn't want some moms to worry about that with a family bed. :)

I dream of a day with more sex...ahh...

Penelope ~ I'm with you. There are so many options for sex when the kids are in bed. ~sigh~
Heather Nicole said…
i am blushing ladies! maybe that could be a new way to spice up our "alone" time. wait until isabel is asleep in bed with us...ha ha.
Penelope Anne said…
seriously - its kinda like 'sneaking' and doing it - which adds an air of excitment and then the fact that you cant be loud shift it up to a whole 'nuther' level! LOL!!!