Like it, love it or hate it??

I added a new feature to the blog.

I love how Facebook has a "Like It" button to push.  It allows me to let the person know I read their post and I enjoyed it.  Same with adding a picture!  It's faster than leaving a comment all the time.

So, I added a few buttons to each blog!

DO you like how I made your life easier when you show me some love?


Kati said…
How did you do that? Cool feature!
Julie said…
yep, love it. now, are you going to teach us how to do it so we can have this super cool feature on our blogs? ;-)
Supermom said…
If you use blogger it is a feature. Just go to Layout, then page layouts. Click on edit in the blog posts section.

You should see it there. You can change the words around.

Have fun with it!
mary said…
just one more thing supermom has figured out way to go MIchelle, I am enjoying this crisp fall morning, Mary
guurrrl said…
LOVE it!!!!