It's really not that complicated.

I thought I would spill the beans before someone threatened to blackmail.  Like David Letterman.  You never know when someone might hack the computer and steal a couple of pictures.  Or snap a photo of me and HIM with their phone when we are at a park.  Geesh, people these days.

Supermom and Friend

This morning at the crack of dawn he called because of our playdate plans.  I had just fixed my coffee and Superdad was still in bed.  I round up the three girls and head over.  This is when H snapped the above picture for me.  That's my "it's complicated Facebook boyfriend".  He showed me how to make his famous oatmeal waffles.  THEY WERE YUMMY!  I must buy a waffle iron and start making these babies!  He also had bacon, sausage and poached eggs.  This is when Superdad showed up.  Well, the FBBF did call him like every 5 minutes to get him up!

I think Superdad just gave in and came over to enjoy a great breakfast.

I just got home with Baby M.  She's napping.  I left Superdad, Lil O and H over there.  They are going to hit a park and play.  DO you want to know what I am going to do?  Work on cooking things for dinner this week for my cookbook challenge.  Then fold the mountain of clean clothes. 

Well, you didn't think I would rest now did you?


Of course you are SuperMom after all. No rest for her...:)))
Penelope Anne said…
LOVE those cabinets! WOW! And now Im totally craving waffles! SIGH!
Supermom said…
LOL!!! Maybe next time I can take you with me instead of the kids for a playdate! Wait, that totally sounded x-rated!!!!

You knew what I meant!!!!!