I'm sad and sick.

Yesterday I woke up not feeling well.  I assumed from all the pizza and jalapeno's from the night before.  NOOO, it wasn't the beer because I only had two.

I laid around in bed most of yesterday.  I was only up enough to go to my niece's birthday party at 2 pm.  That's when that awesome picture was take of # 1 Big Sis and # 1 Lil Sis.

Lil O didn't want to leave and cried because she wanted to stay and play.  I wanted to leave ASAP to get back in bed because I felt ICKY!!!!!!  So, we let her stay.  H stayed with her.  I knew that she didn't have her blanket and would be coming home by 10 pm anyway.  She has tried to sleepover before and it failed.  I wasn't too worried about my baby being away for the first time because I didn't think it would happen.

Well, it did!

I was in a sick haze in bed and heard the garage door open, or close.  I had hoped to hear a happy four year old bouncing up the stairs to come look for me.  It was only Superdad closing it because he forgot it was open.  POUT!

I got up FINALLY.  About 8 pm I think.  No Lil O or H running around the house.  I didn't know what to do.  I was restless.  I felt bad.  Etc....  We stayed up to watch SNL and finally retired to bed about 1 am.  We slept in a dark room for ONCE!!  With no Lil O we didn't turn on the nightlight.  Perhaps I wasn't able to rest because she wasn't home.  I really didn't think the sleepover would happen and she'd be here NOW.

Well, she isn't.  Her blanket is on her bed.  It's odd for her to not have it.  I hope she didn't wake up during the night looking for it.  Or for ME.  Or for SUPERDAD!!!  OMG, I want my baby back (youwarthogfromhell)!!

I still feel icky so I am guessing I have a small bug.  Got to love it when school starts.

I'm going to go talk Superdad into going to get the girls!

Folly Beach, SC


Mary said…
your little girl is growing up, first time my kids slept away from home i was sad too. However it was nice because they could see they did not need me moring noon and night. First time both kids slept away from home they were 2 hours away at the beach with my parents. Mom came up with that bright idea. they were so tired from being at the ocean going on rides at board walk, the poor kids never had a chance to miss home. Your Lil O is growing up bet she stayed because she had H there with her.Be proud of your little gal. Hope you feel better soon.Today is the first birthday since Sabina my sis died so I am rather sad too, were going as a big family to her grave site to place flowers and say some special prayers and thoughtful memories. Then off to mom and dad's for a lunch. Should be a somber day here.
Denise said…
Your little girl is adorable!

I've nominated you for an award on my blog, please come by to pick it up

Supermom said…
Sniffle!! I am such a goober!