Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm sad and sick.

Yesterday I woke up not feeling well.  I assumed from all the pizza and jalapeno's from the night before.  NOOO, it wasn't the beer because I only had two.

I laid around in bed most of yesterday.  I was only up enough to go to my niece's birthday party at 2 pm.  That's when that awesome picture was take of # 1 Big Sis and # 1 Lil Sis.

Lil O didn't want to leave and cried because she wanted to stay and play.  I wanted to leave ASAP to get back in bed because I felt ICKY!!!!!!  So, we let her stay.  H stayed with her.  I knew that she didn't have her blanket and would be coming home by 10 pm anyway.  She has tried to sleepover before and it failed.  I wasn't too worried about my baby being away for the first time because I didn't think it would happen.

Well, it did!

I was in a sick haze in bed and heard the garage door open, or close.  I had hoped to hear a happy four year old bouncing up the stairs to come look for me.  It was only Superdad closing it because he forgot it was open.  POUT!

I got up FINALLY.  About 8 pm I think.  No Lil O or H running around the house.  I didn't know what to do.  I was restless.  I felt bad.  Etc....  We stayed up to watch SNL and finally retired to bed about 1 am.  We slept in a dark room for ONCE!!  With no Lil O we didn't turn on the nightlight.  Perhaps I wasn't able to rest because she wasn't home.  I really didn't think the sleepover would happen and she'd be here NOW.

Well, she isn't.  Her blanket is on her bed.  It's odd for her to not have it.  I hope she didn't wake up during the night looking for it.  Or for ME.  Or for SUPERDAD!!!  OMG, I want my baby back (youwarthogfromhell)!!

I still feel icky so I am guessing I have a small bug.  Got to love it when school starts.

I'm going to go talk Superdad into going to get the girls!

Folly Beach, SC
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