I'm sad and it's finally hitting me.


Yesterday I get this call from my baby sis.  She's my only sis in fact.  She called to tell me that they were moving to SC by December 1, 2009.  Her husbands job was taking him there.  Sort of a promotion.  The money will be better and they so need that right now.

I know it's a blessing for them but I've never lived in a different state from my sister.  Sure SC isn't that far away from me but it's far enough.  No more meeting for lunch spur of the moment.  No more meeting at Fun Depot or CEC for a spur of the moment playdate.  No more her watching this kids while I get a haircut.


I'm not liking this at all!  NOT AT ALL!

I'm going to go cry now.


Mary said…
Michelle be blessed that her husband is making a better life for themselves.
She is moving away but she will still be with you.
It is sad, but even sadder is I envy you, because you still have her. My sister my best freind my hero died last december now to visit her I have to go to her grave site. Is that selfish of me to say if so I am sorry. However I felt I needed to say it. Be joyful you still have her. Yes running around town with her is fun. But she must follow her heart and her man. Take care my freind, If my words are offensive so sorry please call me out on it, Mary
Supermom said…
It's not selfish Mary!!!

I totally understand. I just emailed you a bit more info.

Michelle :)
Mary said…
Michelle are we still freinds after writing that I had a moment of OMG what have I done,Please know Ihave been under some pressures lately. I understand you will miss her since you see her so very often take care my freind
Supermom said…
Oh stop it Mary!!

You'll always be my friend. I'm sorry you are having a difficult time.

I feel for you. My sister visits once a year for one month. She lives in NYC. She is here now and leaving in a week. I don't know what I am going to do with out. No more early morning coffee together, no more evening rants about husbands and children, no more watching the daily DVR'd episode of Days of Our Lives together, no more laughing like crazy in the kitchen while we make dinner, and no more secret stash cigarette breaks once the kids have gone off to bed. I know we will have the phone, the internet, webchat - you know the drill, but sisters are the best. You miss these little (sometimes even stupid) things you do together.
Monica said…
You can hitch a ride with me every couple of months when I have to go see my doctor...