I'm awesome like that!

Yeah, I'm modest too.

Yesterday, I worked really hard to get a game plan for Only Ollie on ETSY.  I even went shopping and made a visit to the post office to check on prices and such.  Then I came home and made bread!  Then guess what?  I sold bread!!!!!  I will add another loaf to the shop after I get feedback from the buyer.

It's exciting!

That's the good part of my day.  I have worked for two days on my baby sweater for the challenge and then to put on ETSY as well.  I unraveled it ALL last night to start over.  The pattern I LOVE is a knitting pattern.  I cannot knit.  I was trying to convert the stitches to crochet and it wasn't working for me.  So, what's a Supermom to do???  Start over making her own PATTERN!  That's what I am going to work on today.  Plus, teach B how to crochet.  He's been bugging me about it so today is the day.

Only Ollie on ETSY