I'm afraid of my Bosch washing machine.

Pathetic huh?  I haven't handed out a cardboard cookie in awhile so today is the day!

Every single time I go to wash clothes I meticulously go through every piece of clothing.  Making sure the baby socks, panties and breastfeeding pads aren't stuck to anything.  I check all the hiding places.  With SIX people in this house there are lots of HIDING places for things I ADD!!!

Remember when I played Tim Taylor and took apart the washing machine?  Only to find out it was a breastfeeding pad!?!?!?!?

It has happened several times since then.  Superdad has graciously taken over taking it apart and cleaning up all the water!!!

I know I should love this expensive piece of equipment that sits in my basement.  Sadly, I have come to not trust it and worry about what mess I will have to clean up next!!!!! 


motherof10 said…
OMG! For me it is baby socks,so I have a pile of them waiting to be washed,because as you know some how things just walk off in a house with children,like my four laundry bags I use to wash those little things that get stuck in the washer or just dissapear all together! LOL