I have a black eye!

No, Superdad didn't hit me.  No, I didn't walking into anything.  No, ~insert your question here~.

Baby M head butted me Friday.  She just barely hit that bone right under my eye.  Look at the DAMAGE!!!!

black eye


Mary said…
yikes you better give her ninny as soon as she ask nect time lol
hope it clears up soon, take care
guurrrl said…
ouch!!! my nephew bloodied my nose once when he was a little over a year
Anonymous said…
My little Diva did that to me recently and broke my nose! glad to know i am not the only one with a dare devil daughter who thinks it fun to head butt mommy!
Monica said…
Yea Supermom!!! Believable story... I can tell that is bule eye shadow!! I can't believe what Mommy Bloggers will do these days to get attention...j/k...lol
Supermom said…
OUCH!!! Broke your NOSE!!!!

How painful!

Well, I bruise so easy. When I mix my meds with motrin it's much worse. So a small bump will bruise!
Kelly said…
My baby has head butted me several times. I had to walk around with a black eye too. Hope yours clears up soon!