How do we teach our teenage daughters about make-up?

I encourage my daughter to go without make-up.  She is a beautiful young woman and I want her to know that it's okay to NOT put all that stuff on her face.  I know that she thinks she HAS to wear make-up and no matter what I tell her she will feel the way she feels.

Here is a photo of me without make-up.  I just washed my face and then snapped this picture a minute ago just for you.


Society has made our girls and boys insecure with the way they look. I think it's terrible! Our kids are being taught by television and magazines that you don't have to look the way you do now. You can have plastic surgery. You can wear all this make-up. You can wear these clothes.

What happened to teaching our kids to be comfortable with the way that God made them?


mary said…
hey Michelle you look Fab, my idea of make up with lip gloss, some oil of olay and a quick wisp of blush. Nothing more no eye liner no mascara, foundation nada, let the natural beauty show thru. My girls take over 1/2 hr each morning to make their faces. Then complain they are running late. Go figure I say go natural and let your natural beauty show thru.
Supermom said…
Thank you Mary!

I love getting all dolled up with eyeshadow and lipstick. I'd just hate to think I had to do it everyday!

Life is to short.
Kelly said…
You look beautiful without make-up! Are you sure you don't have any lip gloss on? Your lips are like that without gloss or chapstick? Hello NEXT Cover Girl!!! :)))
Supermom said…
Nope. Just some chapstick. Does that count?
Anna said…
If everyone looked as gorgeous as you then the makeup industry would go out of business!
Vanessa said…
Make up has always been for special occasions for me. I use a moisturizer with a tint so I don't have to spend eons in the bathroom. A little mascara and that's it for the everyday.

You look amazing and chapstick is not make-up, it's a necessity!
Mary said…
Chapstick is a must have. I have found Bert Bee's lip stick much like Chapstick and Ladies it has a pretty tint.
So if you want to pink up those lips look for some Bert Bee. Just a little fashion tip for all you lovely ladies who are special Divas
Brenda Jean said…
First, you are beautiful:) Second, I agree with you 100%! Emily is turning 10 this year. My Sister in law has been giving her make-up kits for at least 2-3 years now at Cmas or birthday. We've asked her to stop and she won't. I'm trying not to make a war over it, so I tell Emily that it's okay to play with it at home but how we don't need it-- just as a pretend thing. I figure when the time comes I'll start with natural lip gloss- that type of thing.
Supermom said…
Wow, thanks for all these lovely comments.

You guys ROCK!