Homemade Bread

Out of my kitchen today:

Pear Bread

Homemade Pear Bread

Homemade Pear Bread

Only Ollie on ESTY

Peach Bread that I made yesterday:

Homemade Peach Bread

Homemade Peach Bread

Only Ollie


Can I come over?

When will you be sharing these receipes? I am getting hungry looking at the photos.
I'm eating right now and the food I'm eating, by comparison to yours, is dogshit.

(Your bread looks good.)
Supermom said…
Michael ~ Well, umm where are you eating and what are you eating??

Would you like me to drop some by the radio station! HA HA!!!

Thanks for commenting about my bread.
Michelle :)
Supermom said…
Living ~ They are a work in progress. I am sort of making them up as I go.

Sure, come on over, I'll make coffee!!
Vanessa said…
Those look good too! But where is the brown sugar and cinnamon!?

I'm waiting to order that one!! YUM!!!
Supermom said…
It all cooked in with the dough! This is our FAVE bread now!!!!
Wow- never heard of peach or pear bread b-4!

Looks deeeelish!
Kelly said…
Yum! Both of these look positively delicious.
Supermom said…
The pear bread is by far the best bread I have ever made!!!!!!!!!