Hand me downs.

Baby M looks so adorable wearing Lil O's baby clothes.  It makes me smile when I remember Lil O wearing it and compare pictures.

It's a good thing baby number four was a girl because a boy would look totally silly wearing this yellow with blue flowers Dora nightgown.

I hope baby number 5 will enjoy it as well.


Heather Nicole said…
BAby 5??!!! I thought no more babies??
Kelly said…
: ) I only had the one, so we didn't get to pass things down. But we did buy at Saver's etc...it's not the same!

Baby number 5? Did I miss something?
Kelly said…
Not to be redundant, but are you pregnant and I somehow skipped that post? Im pretty sure I haven't missed a day of your blog!
Supermom said…
HA HA!!!! HA HA!!! SNORT!!!!

I think I just wet myself!

NOOOO, I am not pregnant. I am not sure if there will be another new baby in the house. Sometimes I want another and other times I think I am just going crazy.

I am 35 though and feel like I have to make the decision sooner than later.

I don't know. We'll see.