Gooooooooooooooooooood Morning Supermom junkies!!!!

I'm a bit hyper this morning.  I had to get up during the night to take something for a migraine.  I could feel it coming on the right side of my forehead so I wanted to STOP it in its tracks.  That made me restless for the rest of the night.  Well and Baby M kept wanting NINNY!!!!  I'm tired of being a paci!  HA HA!

I had to take more medicine a bit ago so I will be bouncing off the walls in a bit.  So, I am going to make a list and get to marking somethings off!!!  HA HA!!  I have to keep busy or I'll be asleep on the couch letting Baby M and Lil O run the house.  I think not!

This morning I made an executive decision.  NO MORE TALKING IN THE MINIVAN!!! O.M.G.

Lil O talks the WHOLE HALF HOUR we are in the van.  I am really wanting to pull all my hair out by the time we get back home.

Why are we following that car?
What is that?
Where are they going?
Are they going to school?
Why doesn't B go here anymore?
Did he grow?
Why is the grass green?
Do you see that?
Insert 100000000 other questions here!!!!   I really think she does this to mess with me. 

What's up with these kids wanting to talk all the time??  HA HA!!  H won't HUSH.  B2 talks all the time.  Lil O even talks to herself!!!!!  ~deep breath Michelle~

Today, I have a plan.  Start laundry.  There are lots of that.  With six people in the house it's a never ending cycle.  Along with cleaning and cooking.  Speaking of cooking, I'm taking a day off in the kitchen.  I usually live in it most days but not today.  Wish me luck on that one.

I am going to finish up a few craft projects that have been hidden in my craft closet.  I would really like to tie up all the loose ends with them and start on another quilt.  I thought I would use all organic fabric and do most of the sewing by hand.  Would be a nice cozy winter project.

That's all I got. 


Kelly said…
I hear you on the 20(000) questions while driving!!! My older 2 do it all the time. They don't stop until they see the vein bulging on my forehead. I think you are very correct when you say they do it to mess with you! Good luck on the no talking in the van rule. I can't get mine to be quiet for more than 5 min. Much less for an entire car trip anywhere.
Keshia said…
I dread weaning my son. He uses his "paci" to go to sleep. After he's weaned he may never sleep again! I have a feeling its going to be a very difficult ordeal with lots of tears from both of us!
Mary said…
Oh good lord been there with the kids in back seat why what where when how and why cause you say so your not the boss mommy.
I have an Idea car time is a time to think about someone you may have hurt with actions or words maybe you were mean to someone who knows that worked for my kids as they got older.
When they were in the age group of LIL O, I bought a cheap head set with their favorite cd. I told them keep it to your self its for your enjoyment, that was my polite way of saying no sing along in the car. beleive it or not it really worked.
When they did break the no talk rule they had to sit on the bottom step in the family room for 4 minutes. Stopped it really quick it was god sent quiet. Hope my suggestions are takenoh and for mommy those soft ear plugs you can still hear what is going on but makes it less of noise in back ground
Supermom said…
LOL Kelly!!!!

Keisha ~ Check out:

Mary ~ Hmmmmm...
Mary said…
lol all you can say is Hmmmmmmmm wondering if Michelle thinks I am nuts lol
Keshia said…
Oh by paci I meant my boob. I meant weaning him from nursing. He refuses to take a paci. He hasn't since he was about 5 months old. He refused the paci and the bottle around the same time.
Supermom said…

Baby M uses me as her paci tooooo!!! Our poor boobs.
Keshia said…
I don't mind it so much right. I just know when its time to wean him we are going to have some sleep issues because that's how he goes to sleep. (Now I realize why all the books say not to let them fall asleep nursing!). Haha