Don't be angry with me.

This blog started taking paid ads last year I think.  They were links in posts to begin with.  Then they became buttons on the right.  Then they were the actual blog post.  I have always been honest if something was a PAID AD.  I even have a catagory just for them.

Don't be mad at me for doing this.  The money I make goes to keeping my domain names.  It keeps my pro Flickr account going so I can post lots of pictures for you.  It even paid for our food and fun in Washington DC.

Just know I will always be honest when something is a Paid Ad.

Do you still love me?


Vanessa said…
I'm with you! I would love to get some paid ads. A little extra to keep my domain and Picnik account open without going into the family funds, why not?

Still love ya!
Supermom said…
TY Vanessa!!!