Doesn't everyone have a big pencil?

Big Pencil

Last night was a BLAST!!!  It was really a fabulous time.  Anna came over with Lil H.  We ordered pizza, nachos and beer from the Asheville Pizza Company.  Yes, they deliver beer!  Who knew?

I had to take notes about the night because I knew I would forget all the fun parts!

During the night Lil O brings out the big pencil.  I didn't think it was a good idea for it to be out with all the small kids playing.  It had emergency room visit written all over it.  It ended up on the dining room table with us Scrabble players.  After a few beers I was happy tipsy.  The time stopped buzz.  Like am I really moving??  Then ANNA starts keeping our score with the big pencil.  H snapped a few pictures with my phone.

We were laughing!!!!!!  Then I tried to talk H into taking the big pencil to school with her today because she was taking the PSAT's.  I told her she could announce she brought her own #2 pencil and whip it out of her book-bag.  She wasn't amused.  I thought it would have been hilarious.  Even now that I am sober I think it would have been hilarious.  Okay, maybe sober isn't the right choice of words.  I was sober last night just giggly happy!

So H played her music for us as we played Scrabble while keeping score with the big pencil.

Every once in awhile we'd hear Lil O say, "Do what I do."  She was talking to Lil H.

Anna say's "Now, those are famous last words.  Like, Watch this or Look what I can do."

We were laughing every time that Lil O would say that.  As she slid across the floor landing with a thud!  Who knew what they were doing.

We ended the night with Baby M eating kiddie blue lipstick. To which she still has blue tinted hands and teeth.

Anyway, I think I had too much pizza, jalapeno's and beer because my tummy doesn't like me today!

My suggestion to you: Go out buy a big pencil, order some pizza and play a good game of Scrabble.