Do you ever feel like all you do is ~insert something here~.

What do you feel you are always doing????  Just pick ONE!!!

I feel like all I ever do is COOK!

I feel like the kitchen is my room!  I know this isn't a bad thing.  Every day I spend lots of time in the kitchen.  Cooking three meals.  Snacks.  Baking.  Preparing things ahead of time.

I have had some great things come out of my kitchen!  Things I am proud to share with my family and friends.  I feel really good when everyone wants to come have a meal here.  It makes me feel good that I am able to make something awesome with a few ingredients.

I love getting my kids in the kitchen to help as well.  Yesterday Lil O helped make cookies.

Oatmeal Cookies

All of my kids love being in the kitchen helping me.  They also love to hear, "SOMEONE COME TRY WHAT I JUST MADE!"  They all come running!!!!  Even Superdad comes for this one.

I thought for Christmas I would make homemade bread for everyone.

If you are a close friend of mine or family member don't read that because it will spoil the surprise!  HA HA!!!

Speaking of the kitchen.  I better get back to my cooking.  I have bread dough rising to make bread and hamburger buns.  I have pinto and red beans cooking to make bean burgers.  I will share my own recipe tomorrow if I get time.  I have muffins to make for the kids to eat for breakfast.  Baby M loves my crackers so I have to make more of those as well.  Yes, I feel like all I do is COOK!


Anonymous said…
MIchelle your kitchen ambition has motivated me to do more cooking and baking.
Friday I made from scratch yeast cinnamon rolls with white icing.They were delicious usually my youngest does not have a sweet tooth but even she loved them. I made pretzels like the famous Auntie Ann's as well they are so easy its a good kid freindly project.
Take care and cook on cooking
Mary said…
Michelle your cooking passion reminds me of my self I am so at home in the kitchen. I make a scratch dinner each night.
I have started to bake again too since I now have the time.
I baked some Cinnamon buns, and brownies the other day.
Your kids will long remember the memories you are creating with them.
My girls will say often mom remember when we used to bake cookies make stuffed shells and all kinds of yummies.
Lauren still loves to cook with me, Amanda has a real craft for making cookies. Got to love our kids no matter the age
Supermom said…
Thank you!!! It's nice to be encouraged!
Penelope Anne said…
I keep waiting to see your show come on food network or bravo - YAY!
Supermom said…

Nah, that'll never happen.