Cause I'm good like that.

So, I just got off the phone with my "it's complicated" Facebook boyfriend.  We planned a playdate tomorrow for our kids.  He's wants the Supermom family to come over.  He even OFFERED breakfast!!  ~swoon~  DO I know how to pick them or WHAT?!?  :)

I was so busy today that I totally forgot I even had a blog.  I twisted arms and we made it out the door and to JCPenney's about 9:30 am.  Lil O got a fabulous Fall/Winter wardrobe.  H got another pair of those "it takes 5 minutes to get into" jeans.  I even asked the sales lady, "Where are your BAGGY JEANS?  I only saw skinny and super skinny."  She laughed at me.

I didn't think it was a funny question myself.

We eventually made it home.  I made 2 loaves of bread, chicken noodle soup (I froze most of it) and granola bars.


Vanessa said…
Granola bars?! Wow! That chicken soup looks good too!
That is my day tomorrow, a lot of cooking and cleaning!

Left you a Lovely present on my blog! Come pick it up. Congrats!

Atasha said…
Oh my word, that Chicken Noodle soup looks so yummy.
mary said…
Wow you were busy, dont you just love those skinny jeans lol both of my girls wear them. I had been going thru the pan cooking spray like crazy lately wonder if the girls use it to grease their legs.
Your soup and granola bars look so good I want to make some soup this week once the weather cools down, Mary