Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Baby M and the pantyliner.

Baby M has an obsession with my travel pantiliners.  If she sees one out she will cry until I give it to her to play with.  She rips off that pink plastic paper like she's opening a Christmas present.

The other day while driving she starts to scream wanting out of the car seat.  Nothing that Lil O did to help made her stop crying.  Since I was driving I wasn't able to console her.  She didn't want ANYTHING!!!!  I was desperate.

I reached into my purse.  Pulled out that pink plastic square!!  BINGO!!!!!!!

I handed Baby M the travel pantyliner.  She stops crying immediately.

A few days later I go to put the grocery bags in the minivan only to find the pantyliner stuck to the seat!!!!!

I'm glad a bag boy didn't help with my groceries this time.
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