Baby M and the pantyliner.

Baby M has an obsession with my travel pantiliners.  If she sees one out she will cry until I give it to her to play with.  She rips off that pink plastic paper like she's opening a Christmas present.

The other day while driving she starts to scream wanting out of the car seat.  Nothing that Lil O did to help made her stop crying.  Since I was driving I wasn't able to console her.  She didn't want ANYTHING!!!!  I was desperate.

I reached into my purse.  Pulled out that pink plastic square!!  BINGO!!!!!!!

I handed Baby M the travel pantyliner.  She stops crying immediately.

A few days later I go to put the grocery bags in the minivan only to find the pantyliner stuck to the seat!!!!!

I'm glad a bag boy didn't help with my groceries this time.


Anonymous said…
AWW!!!! my daughter likes to play with tampons! she does the same thing!!!!!!!
Vanessa said…
Why are they so interested in those things? LOL! Mine are stored in a high place cause both kids would go into the box and make a huge mess out of them!
guurrrl said…
Too funny! When I was little, a sample came to my mom in the mail. I asked her what they were and she said, "feminine napkins". She was having friends over for dinner that night and when I set the table I took them and had stuck them to the table with the silverware arranged on top at each place setting! Hahahahahahaha
Supermom said…
Yeah, Baby M loves to play with tampons tooo!!!!! OMG!!!

Do we have weird kids or what??

GAIL!!!! I bet your mom died! I would have taken pics and then blogged about it myself!!
rachel... said…
My little one is obsessed with the disposable nursing pads!
Kati said…
Hahahahaha! That is toooo funny!!
Cathy said…
That's funny and it reminds me of the time when my 3 yr old grandson spent the night with me and he fell asleep before I could get him to go potty, so I took one of those poise pad things and just stuck it down the front of his pants to catch it if he had an accident in the night. He didn't, but I forgot to take it out and the next day we went to the restaurant to have lunch. He went to the restroom with his mom and she never noticed it was there. He must have dislodged it because when we started to leave the waitress was sweeping around the next table and I looked down and there it was! I just kept on walking. I know she had to be wondering how that thing got on the floor. Luckily it was still clean! I didn't even tell my daughter-in-law. Bad Granny! LOL
Supermom said…

Who knew a pantyliner would cause so much enjoyment?!??!