Week in Review


Kati said…
I just love your blog!

Bummer about the rain.. we are supposed to get it starting Sunday.. and I am starting to get sick.. as are both kids.. its that time of year again.. OOoo Joy!

Have a good weekend!
Mrs Furious said…
LOL that totally makes it sound like we are swingers!
Supermom said…

Not that there's anything wrong with that!!!

It sounds like you don't like rain either. I HATE the rain!!! Always puts me in a bummed mood. I hope your kiddos get better and they pass their get better wishes to me, cause I am sick too. NUTS!! I mean when Mom gets sick who takes care of her????
Supermom said…
One ~ GET WELL SOON!!!!!!!
Penelope Anne said…
well damn it! I was gonna ask to sign up! LOL! I loved the coughing in the back ground - it's add to the ambiance of the film ;) XO