Week in Review


Anonymous said…
Michelle a new twist to week in review I love the Jammies. I think week in review in the car was great, OMG Hannah is going to be a driver your getting old LOL> I can say that i have two drivers my 24 yr and 19 yr old. Wait until you see how much car insurance is. You might have to sell one of your kidney's lol. I dont know what happend on face book but it sounds like it was very unsettleing to you. Can you drop me an email and explain I am concerned. Well have a nice weekend and H I have a heater blanket too. Love ya michelle, Mary oh ps hope B2 dances with a girl tonight------------ Mary from DE
Anonymous said…
someone wasn't using her signal lights...shame shame on her
remember someones watching you now to learn about driving
Supermom said…

I cannot wait to hear about the dance. I can however wait for drivers ed.

Anony ~ I always use my signals. :)

I do tend to NOT fully stop at stop signs if it's clear. I slow down and then keep going.