This is where Supermom would go all LIAM on someone.

Have you heard about the crazy story about the man slapping the child at Wal-Mart?!??!???!?!?!?

Stranger allegedly slaps crying child in store. <~~~click to read.

All I can say is that I would go TOTALLY LIAM on him. Referring to the movie Taken. Where Liam was a total bad ass fighting the bad guys. That's my new saying!!



Monica said…
What scares me is this guy can't be all together right in his mind. I'm just wondering if he could not restrain himself over a child what worse could he do if he was not in a public place with people watching.
liebchen77 said…
You know, something feels not right in this story. If some man that was still in the store I could immediaely contact store security, call 911 on my cell phone, take as many pictures of this guy as possibe--not go on to another isle where the man was apparently free enough to slap again.

I really, really hope I'm wrong!

If this is truly a stranger on stanger crime--and anyone touch my daughter, I don't know how I would be able to control my rage.

I do know that I whould physically restrain him from leaving. He will no doubt show up as a sex offender.
Anonymous said…
The guy snapped, just wonder if he also has road rage, for him to pick a crying child I bet he also is mean to family memebers.
Hope that guy doesnt have little grand kids around him. Saw on story on news i dont want him to get off easy. Mary
Tammy is not anonymous this time said…
not to condone what the guy done because I dont
but after not being around little kids I do understand the frustration of hearing a child scream ,have a temper tantrum etc in public
when my kids were that small and had a fit in the store like that I took them and left cause I didn't think the rest of the store needed to hear it {but that was just me}
but now when a child is doing that I cant handle it and I leave the area ..I know I know its just a little kid ..I'm just saying that I'm not used to it anymore and understand the frustration
ok ..shoot me now {ducking}
Anonymous said…
tammy i agree with you and dont duck but i used to take mine out of the situation, mostly because i was embarrased plus the kids knew no treats
nicole said…
she is a kid and they have feelings, emotions, etc. just like grown ups do. some grown ups can't convey their emotions, so what do you expect of a child? goet over the embarrassment of your child crying in public. if you haven't done anything wrong to your child and they are going through their emotions, let it be. if it were me, he wouldn't have gotten a chance to even get anywhere near my child. i would have been in jail for giving him the beating of a lifetime for even attempting to hit my child.
Supermom said…
Thanks for all the comments.

From what I have read about the man slapping the baby. It's totally crazy!! I don't care if the child was crying or laughing or not talking.

A stranger cannot go up and touch/slap/harm a child. PERIOD!

I wonder how this will play out.
Michele said…
You know me, Im not sure after he hit my child the first time , he would have been able to get a second hit in. Because this mom would have lost her religion & would have been tearing Walmart up! Its sad this man had that little patience for a child to begin with. Two years of age...of course they are going to cry. Im curious if he has children of his own & if so were they abused. And I wonder if he seriously has mental problems. What got me also yesterday is the woman who was drunk, wrecked her car, left the accident with her baby in the back seat....What is this world coming too?
Mrs Furious said…
I cannot fucking believe this. I would have gone totally ballistic. Oh Sweet Jesus... I would have been bringing the LIAM. You better believe it.
Mr Furious said…
Security in that store would have been restraining me after I beat that man with whatever was handy in the aisle.

I've never struck a person in my life, but you better believe the one thing that would trigger my inner Liam would be someone putting hands on my child.

No. Fucking. Excuse. Ever.
Supermom said…
Mr & Mrs F~

I agree!! There's no excuse and I would have gotten very violent!

You won't like me when I'm angry!
Mr Furious said…
FYI: I posted on this one too...