This is where SUPERMOM says so many bad words that your ears hurt and you GASP in shock.

Yes, I am a mild mannered woman.  I don't use cuss words that much.  UNTIL YOUTUBE PISSED ME OFF.  I cannot get a PERSON on the phone.  I TRIED!  I sent an email to someone. NOTHING.  I even posted a question in their stupid help forums!  NOTHING.

Hell, I'd rather be directed to INDIA at this point so I can swear at an unsuspecting person about losing my FAMILY FRIENDLY VIDEOS THAT I FILMED MYSELF!  SERIOUSLY!!!

I can find naked women on YOUTUBE but be damned it I do a WEEK IN REVIEW!!!!

I guess showing happy family videos are TOOO much for you to take!  I apologize.  Next time, IF THERE IS A NEXT TIME, I promise to naughty it up a bit.

YOUTUBE you SUCK!  I better get my damn account back like TODAY or or I will totally slam you on my blog UNTIL it gets back up!  That isn't a threat!  IT IS A PROMISE!!!  I may even recruit other people to slam you tooooo!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said…
OH NO this stinks! On a happy note i gave you a bloggy award on my site! hope that makes you feel better!
Anonymous said…
Oh no that stinks your blogs were harmless. There are so many things on you tube that should not be posted shame on you tube shame shame shame, Michelle good luck getting your account back.
Oh by the way YOU TUBE YOU SUCK
Kelly said…
I wish I could help. I looked for a number or something and see that YouTube is owned by Google. There are lots of things I love about Google (Gmail for one), but customer service and actually helping you isn't their strong suit.

This is the reason I ended up leaving Blogger and moved my blog to WordPress. Now, I don't have any customer service issues to report at WordPress, but I haven't needed them yet. Trying to get Blogger help for missing posts was like trying to pull teeth and I never actually got anywhere with them.

Good luck!!
I hope you can solve your problem soon!! That really bites!!!
Supermom said…
Thank you!! It's trying to work for me now!! I have my fingers crossed!!!!